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Professional Expectations and Evaluation

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Leila Elshorbgy

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Professional Expectations and Evaluation

Leila Elshorbgy
August 11, 2014
Patricia Beathard
What professional development would be appropriate for utilizing this model with teachers?
When utilizing this model with teachers, the professional development setting that would be appropriate would be observations in the classroom and formal teacher-principal evaluations.
Ethical and Legal Responsibilities for Teachers
Teachers must uphold the legal responsibilities of the school the district and the state. This will be a portion of the mid-year evaluation
Ratings Provided for the Assessments
The rating provided for the assessments are based upon the Value Added Model (VAM) it includes:
class size
ELL status
Gifted Status
FCAT scores
Opportunities for Growth
Ramifications for not meeting the standards
The State of Florida put this system in place to help teachers excel, with 40% of the teachers evaluation weighing on the standardized test the stakes are high. If the teacher has to below average years in a row this could lead to termination.
Professional Expectations and Evaluation
The new evaluation software called Brainshark that is being used in the Broward County schools allows teachers to see current observations and register for trainings and seminars. The Principal may also select seminars or trainings and assign them to the teachers. This allows them
to grow and develop throughout their career.
Evaluation. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://app.brainshark.com/browardschools/EvaluationUpdate?&r3f1=cef48ad9d59195929a88ebd0cfd7c4cddc9f9bb2959c9785dcd1c38aefd1d9c4c7dfd3999bf988c8c9c4cad08891e8d1c5d1c6d69284b0fe8dc8d7dddbc98490f2136e4102191f09135843334803561e130d5c
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