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PLLT Natural Approach

No description

Juyeon Shim

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of PLLT Natural Approach

Natural Approach 2010027275 Juyeon Shim
2010027361 Yoonhee Chang Introduction 1977
Tracy Terrell
Stephen Based On? Acquisition/Learning Hypothesis The Monitor Hypothesis The Natural Order Hypothesis The Input Hypothesis The Affective Filter Hypothesis Design Key Concepts -Comprehensible Input Acquisition/Learning Hypothesis L2 Acquired Knoweledge Learned Knowledge Gained by subconscious process of acquisition Gained by conscious process of learning knowing the rules! used to produce language! Objectives Based On? Theory of Learning Theory of Language The primary purpose of language communication Language
Means of deliverying message
and meaning Monitor Hypothesis Conscious learning works as a Monitor that checks the output of what is acquired Conditions i)Time
ii)Focus on Form
iii)Know the rule The Natural Order Hypothesis Grammatical structures are acquired in a predicable order (It does little good to learn them in other orders) The Affective Filter Hypothesis The learner's emotional state could act as a that might impede or block input necessary to acquisiton filter The Input Hypothesis People acquire language best from the messages
that are slightly beyond their current competence Beginner Intermediates
Depend on learner needs Syllabus A syllabus communicative i+1! Types of learning techniques and activities Target language
Ex) TRP, mime and gesture. Group techniques = Communicative Language Teaching Learners start to talk when they are ready Procedure The natural approach adopts techniques and activities
from different sources but uses them
to provide comprehensible input. Teacher! Students Relaxed! 10hours to 6months of exposure to English
500 receptive words
Teacher 90% of talking Level 1
Preproduction stage : Level 2
Early Production : 3 months to a year exposure
Begin to produce language
1000 receptive vocabulary
communicate in simple form Level 3
Speech Emergence : 1 to 3 years of exposure to English
7000 words
Able to answer how and why
Poetry, songs, changes, prediction,
comparing/contrasting 3 to 4 years of exposure to English
Develop Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
12,000 receptive words
Participate in essay writing, complex problem solving, researching and supporting their positions. Level 4
Intermediate Fluency : Modeling! Overt correction x x Drills x Pronunciation Speaking L1 BICS Criticism Krashen Thank You! -Low anxiety -Content rather than Form -Vocabulary Development -Natural stages to Speech Development -Real life learning situations -Focus on communication
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