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Globalization and Culture

The world against us :)

Winny Nguyen

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Globalization and Culture

Culture So what is globalisation? Globalisation simply mean the interconnected between more than one cultures. It is the ideas of dilution between the two cultures, put it in another words, the sharing of common aspects and features of the two cultures. Globalization mean sharing with others Globalization is the process of "we" becoming more dependent on each other. For example, Western countries such as America depends on Asian countries such as Vietnam to produce rice in order to survive. A Definition of Globalization Everyone Can Understand

Finally, here is a definition of globalization anyone can understand.

Question: What is the truest definition of Globalization?

Answer: Princess Diana's death.

Question: How come?

An English princess, riding with her Egyptian boyfriend, crashes in a French tunnel, driving a German car, with a Dutch engine, driven by a Belgian, who was drunk on Scottish whisky, followed closely by Italian Paparazzi, who were riding Japanese motorcycles.

Diana was treated by an American doctor, using Brazilian medicines. This is sent around by a Canadian, using American technology, and you're probably reading this on your computer that uses Taiwanese chips, and a Korean monitor, assembled by Bangladeshi workers, in a Singapore plant, transported by Indian lorry-drivers, hijacked by Indonesians, unloaded by Sicilian longshoremen, and trucked to your retailer by Mexican illegals.

That, my friends, is Globalization.

[Jumbojoke.com, 2010]
Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology. This process has effects on the environment, on culture, on political systems, on economic development and prosperity, and on human physical well-being in societies around the world.

[State University of New York] a little globalization joke of the day A definition... A culture is a specific society or group that has their own beliefs, lifestyle, art and so on.
A culture is the idea of the way an organize is acts or behaves.
It also consist of the people habbits and attitude.

[Collins Cobuild English Dictionary] The definition of culture is “all aspects of human adaptation, including technology, traditions, language, religion, marriage patterns, and social roles. Culture is a set of learned behaviors that is transmitted from one generation to the next by nonbiological means."

[Dan Peak, 2007] Moari, a significant culture of New Zealand Cultural Dilution Cultural dilution is the process of culturals mixing together; it is the way of saying our cutural is slowly becoming one. The similarity we have heritaged from transnational corporations have brought us closer to each other. dilute Western culture Asian culture Vietnamese culture
it where i belong... Vietnamese is not just simply a culture, its beyond infinity. We has and still does, heritage many of our traditions which passes down from the previous generation. Vietnam is filled with fastinating history and traditions art such as clothing, music and so much more. However, our simplicity yet unique traditions is being effects by globalisation and cultral dilution. We are facing a competition between the world and us. To be able to keep our traditions or not to be able to keep our traditions is the question... Effect of Globalisation on Vietnamese Culture... Life style Global television has influence on the life style of Vietnamese culture, and has effect the attitude of our people.

As the world is getting developed everyday, global television such as MTV starts to invade and take over Vietnamese channels. Vietnam has over 40 local channels which features sports, news, music, tv series, etc. However as global television introduced, more people are now prefer to watch international programs rather than local.

Channels such as HBO and AXN, show a lot of inappropriate movies for teenagers such as "Bride of Chucky" or "Ninja Assassin" and so on. These movies contained a lot of violence which is now connects to one of our biggest issue that's happening right now and it's fighting. Writers had wasted a lot of their ink dicussing about this issue. Teenagers, especially girls, fight with each others for no reason. Many of the most ridiculous reason for girls to fight is because their victim is more pretty compare to them.

I believe that this issue has become a serious situation due to global television. Teenagers watch and learn a lot from the television. The media suppose to pursuase the audience into believe their saying.

So the effect of globalisation on culture is that it had a negative influence on Vietnamese teenagers through global television. Tourism Globalization has effect a large impact of the tribal’s fashion through tourism.

According to vietnam-cultural.com, lots of people are traveling to Vietnam to explore its unquie culture and at the same time, for leasure. The number of tourism arrived in Vietnam has increase rapidly since 1993 (Diagram 1). In fact, there was 90,000 American arrive in Vietnam in early 2009. By having tourism into our country, it bring us a lot of benefits such as provide many jobs opportunity, helps us to improve our English skills and so on. But however, by having a lot of tourism, it has effect the way our citizens have dresses.

As a matter of fact, tourism has affect us by accidently wear revealing fashion while traveling in Vietnam. Vietnam is indeed a hot and humid country, so a lot of tourism wear short bottom, and tank top shirt to adapt their body into the new temperature but these consider as "flashing" yourself in Vietnam.

Tourism does not follow and respect the clothing rules. As a result, many Vietnamese is now wearing short clothes and thinking its ok. Our culture is all about covering your body and respect others. But now, as tourism come in treating everyone like their friends (because that's their culture) and wearing reavealing clothes, many people especially teenagers look up to them and follow them.

I believe that this issue has occur due to the influence of tourism. So the effect of globalisation on Vietnamese culture is that it had a negative influence on the way Vietnamese dresses through tourism.
Diagram 1 - Number of Vietnam visitor since 1993 TNC's Globalization is abusing Vietnamese through working in sweatshop of transnational companies (TNC's).

As transnational companies came into Vietnam to look for a trading opportunity, they create job opportunities for our people by manufacture their product, however the working condition is poor. Lots of well-known coroporation name such as Nike, choose third world country for example Vietnam to produce their product. The reason is because they will not waste a lot of money on wages. Their aim is to try to reduce the lowest cost the possible.

A toy manufacturing sweetshop is manufacture toys for McDonald is abusing their workers. The company is called Keyhinge Toys Co. and they manufacture toys for Happy Meals in Mcdonald. This sweatshop located in the middle of Vietnam, Da Nang. They have around 1000 employees and about 90% are young woman age from 17-20. Their pay is only as low as eight cent per hour, and they have to work for 10 hours a day, seven days a week. Many of the workers pass out during their shift and were sent to hospital. But hence, no action was taken from the company.

I feel that globalisation help us to survive through our basic life, but on the other hand, we have to work very hard to earn a little amount of money. I think there should be laws and regulations set out from Vietnamese government to stop big-name coproration using Vietnam for sweatshop. This is abusing our people and adding more stress on them.

[Information achieve from Third World Traveler]

Food Globalization has affected Vietnamese local food due to transnational restaurants (chain restaurants).

Vietnam is rich in its food range. There are a lot of traditions food and drink such as pho. However as chain restaurant such as Pizza Hut starts to introduce, more people going for chain restaurant rather than local restaurant. The main reason people prefer going for chain restaurant is because of its decoration, the food tase is different and the waiter treat you nicely.

Vietnam right now have too much transnational restaurant in my opinion. For example, every where I go, i will see KFC, Coffee Bean, Pizza Hut, more KFC and so on. Tourism want to eat local food so it pointless to have transnational restaurant on the main district.

Same things apply for sweatshop, I think there should be a banned of transnational restaurant in the main district area. This way, tourism and people like me, will be able to enjoy Vietnam favourite local food. Language Globalization has affected Vietnamese language and soon it will die out.

According to the National Geographic research, it is said that a language die every 14 days. There are already lots of language has become extinct since it did not pass down to the next generation. Vietnam might not be in high state of loosing it language just yet, but soon it will. First of all, as transnational companies and tourism entered Vietnam, the most popular language spoken is English. So lots and lots of parents are making their children learning English when they are young. If this situation continue, soon Vietnamese will die out.

For example, I moved to Singapore when i was in grade 4 and as a matter of fact, I am not very good in my Vietnamese. I have a lot of problems with writing essay and grammar structure. Though i am not the only who left when young, more and more Vietnamese teenagers leave when they are young too. So if this situation keep on continue, soon Vietnamese will just be known as a spoken language.

Language cannot die especially Vietnamese. If Vietnamese die out, this will give an ending to the great history of Vietnam.
Tourism wearing tank top in Vietnam A sewing sweatshop in Vietnam Teenager girls fight with one another Every coner of Vietnam is filled with transnational restaurant English school is growing like madness everywhere in Vietnam! Finally.... In conclusion, as you can now realize, globalisation can have positive impacts but at the same time, have negative impacts on culture. Good impact such as provide job opportunity and negative impact such as bad influence to Vietnamese through global television.

We all know that globalization occur through trading, tourism, TNC's, migration, competition between companies and monopoly. However i feel that we can help to make good change for Vietnam culture and it can start with having laws and regulation on sweatshop. This way, less Vietnamese and third world countries will be abuse.

Our community within our culture is very stronge, so i feel that no matter what happen in the future, we will still be able to keep our traditions and heritage.
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