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I Even Funnier

Book report

Lauren Runze

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of I Even Funnier

I Even Funnier
James Patterson is the author of the book I Even Funnier. He was born on March 22, 1947 in Newburgh, New York. He is currently 66 years old.He lives in Palm Beach, Florida with his wife Susan and son Jack.
James Patterson-cont.
He has won many awards as in, the Children's Choice award, the Author of the year award, and the Teen's Choice Book of the Year award. James Patterson has written 77 books.
Setting- Las Vegas
Climate- Jamie trys to get to go to the Semi-Finals
Characters- Jamie, Gaynor, Pierce, Gilda, Uncle Frankie, The Kosgov's ( aka The Smiley's )

The main setting is in Las Vegas. The time zone is present. The setting is important to this book because that is where the semi-final contest is and Jamie and his

Family get to see shows and go do whatever they want during free time they get before the show.
Rising Action
J amie Wins the North-East comedy contest
Jamie learns Gaynor's mom has cancer
Uncle Frankie brings Jamie to the cemetary where Jamie's mom, dad, and sister are buried
Uncle Frankie has a heart attack which prevents Jamie from compeating in the Semi-finals for the World's Funniest Kid comic.
Falling Action
Gilda, Jamie's frend records a little skit Jamie performs at his school and sends it in to get a second chance to go to Hollywood for the finals and gets a wild card spot and gets to go to Las Vegas a couple weeks later to compeate for a chance to go to Hollywood.
Jamie wins the wild card contest and gets to go on to Hollywood for the finals
The theme of this book is never give up on your dreams, or anything.
Main Characters
Protagonist- Jamie Grimm
- comical, and satisfied
Antagonist- Family Issues
- Uncle Frankie's heart attack
Figurative Language
Simile- Mr. Burdzecki laughs like a big old happy bear.
Alliteration- Hey Jamie, Joey, Jimmy!
Overall this book is a great book, I would give this book 5 stars.
Book Critque
Secondary Characters
Joey Gaynor- Jamie's Best Friend, is a thief, but is caring
Jimmy Pierce- Also Jamie's Best Friend, very supportive to Jamie, and is a tecnology genius
Uncle Frankie- Jamie's uncle, also very supportive, loves to yoyo
Gilda Gold- Another of Jamie's Friends, encourages him with whatever he needs courage for, helpful
Stevie Kosgrov- Jamie's stepbrother who is the school bully, also Jamie's cousin
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