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James K. Polk (Final)

A Prezi about the time period under James K. Polk's administration.

Ben S.

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of James K. Polk (Final)

James K. Polk
James K. Polk's presidential term is considered a good time in American history. This is because the Mexican-American War was resolved, the Oregon Treaty was negotiated, and three new states were added to the union.
New States
According to
James K Polk
from 'Toucan Valley Presidents,' three new states were added to the United States: Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin (The 28th, 29th, and 30th respectively).
and his term as the President of the United States
The Mexican-American War
According to
James K. Polk
from 'Toucan Valley Presidents,' the Mexican American war ended in a United States victory. According to
Mexican-American War
by Sonia Benson, the Mexican-American war was caused by a dispute over the United States' annexation of Texas.
Map of the land gained after the Mexican-American War
The Oregon Treaty
The United States wanted to claim up to 54°40', but Canada wanted the border at 42°. The final agreement was 49°.

According to
James K. Polk
from 'Toucan Valley Presidents,' the Oregon Treaty established the United States-Canada border in the Northwest. According to the image below, claims to the border ranged from Britain's 42° to the United States' 54°40' with the slogan "fifty-four forty or fight!"
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