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Charis Ministries

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Spirit@Work


A focus on gifts discernment and our universal call in baptism.
Foundation Principles
Paying Attention to the Spirits
Consolation & Desolation Movements
Discerning the Spirits
Ignatius' Story
History of St. Ignatius
St. Ignatius' Story of Discernment
Discernment of Spirits
Basic Principles of Discernment
Discernment between two good options
Peer Talk #1
Rooting My Life in the Spirit

In this talk a young adult shares how he or she strives to live in tune with the Spirit and orient their life towards God.
Peer Talk #2
Making Decisions in the Spirit

This young adult shares an experience of making a decision using the discernment process to respond more fully to God's invitation for their life.
Peer Talk #3
Living in the Spirit

This young adult talk focuses on both the joys and realities of living into a decision and recognizing that discernment is an ongoing process.
The How-To's of Discernment
Key Principles
Freedom to choose
Freedom from disordered attachments
As with all Charis Retreats...
You will receive

Spirit@Work Manual
Online access to schedules, templates, and scripts on the We Gather partner site.
Core Team training opportunities
Access to a Charis Retreat Expert to answer all questions
Quarterly newsletters for your participants

Sarah Jarzembowski
Partner Program Coordinator
Allison Melville
Spirit@Work participant
Music teacher at St. Mary Parish School in Buffalo Grove, IL
Sarah Jarzembowski
Partner Program Coordinator
Charis Ministries
Not currently a partner?
Let's chat...
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