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Xava´s Prezumé

No description

Xava Fragoso

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Xava´s Prezumé

My name is
Xava Fragoso ¡HOLA! I´m an architect and digital artist from México,
currently based in Budapest My motivation is to continue
my working experience
in creative and multidisciplinary environments
where space, both physical and virtual,
are the raw material for the creation
of innovative work. 2006 I moved to Barcelona to study a Master degree on Digital Arts at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
I also got a postgrade on 3D in Realtime and Visual Simulation at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. education 2007 Ubiquos Interactive Installation. Final Project Master in Digital Arts. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Design and interface programming. Real Time rendering, Motion Capture, OSC communication, WiiMote mapping. http://bit.ly/Ubiquos_Spa There i learned the basics on interaction
design, programming and prototyping working experiencie 2008-2010 Fundació Barcelona Media Architect - Cg artist. Development of three-dimensional real time graphics simulations. Virtual Visualisation Laboratory Barcelona in Gothic Project. Pc and iPad app http://bit.ly/BCN3d march 2011- 2012 aisBrandLab Architect-3D expert. Develop visualization projects for branches of financial institutions. Supporting the creative department with the development of visual-level concepts National Commerce Bank. Wessam Platinum Concept. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia National Commerce Bank
Experience Center Concept. april 2012 after almost a year of
constant flying from Barcelona, I finally moved to Budapest august 2012 - Ebola Media Digital Designer. http://bit.ly/SmsngCam http://bit.ly/Apple_res I still keep on designing spaces
for the outernet visit http://bit.ly/Casa_J_MX http://bit.ly/TheBroadway skills Great sense of humor
Natural born curious
Right mix art-tech ... and I´m skillful with a lot of graphic software :)
[Ps, Ai, Fl, C4D, AE, 3dMax] <3 Fc Barcelona
Cooking and mixing mexican and hungarian recipes
Internet Culture
Pixels Do you want to meet me? Because i like what you are doing.

And i make cool things too.

So, why don´t we do it
together? Xava Fragoso
http://bit.ly/xava_linkdn I want to meet you
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