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Text Features

Hoi hoi hoi

Jordan Lowrance

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Text Features

The Microscopic World of Text Features Title The name of the work Graph A chart displaying data in a coordinate grid. Chart A graphic representation comparing two different things Map A visual chart showing the positions of certain objects in an area/space Key or Legend Something that shows what certain icons or symbols stand for on a display. Table A chart that displays data in rows and columns Picture A drawing, painting, .etc or photograph that displays someone or something Illustration Art that makes something more clear to the reader or makes things more aesthetic. Heading Labels the beginning of a new section in a writing. Subheading Comes after a heading to further divide a section. Caption Goes underneath a picture to describe it. Sidebar Appears beside or underneath the text to give more detail on one of the subjects of the main text. Numbered List A list in which all lines are numbered. Bulleted List A list that has some sort of bullet or dot in front of each line to start. Table of Contents A list of all of the chapters and parts of a book, usually found at the front before the story or information begins. Glossary A section at the back of a book where all of the important terms are listed and defined alphabetically. Index A list of terms found at the back of the book in alphabetical order, lists the pages that each term is found on. Footnotes Something found at the bottom of the page that defines some words or describes some things that may be vague. Annotations Something added beside the words to explain something. Bold Face Font
Boldface: Thicker text that draws your attention compared to other words. Italicized: Text that is slanted to show a change in tone or that a word is being pronounced in an abnormal way. Underlined: Found in letters of all kinds and in the Titles of books and movies in non-fiction writings. Italic Type Face Underlined Type Face
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