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The Sun

No description

darlin jimenez

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of The Sun

BY:Darlin & Nicloe
How old is our sun?
Layers Of The Sun
What are sun spots and how do they affect the earth?
What Is The Solar Wind
How Hot Is The Sun
The difference between fusion and fission is that fussion is pulling molecules apart and fission is pulling molecules together.
Hydrogen and Helium composes the sun
Our Sun is about 4 - 5 billion years old.
Sun Spots are darker, cooler areas on the surface of the sun. When there is sun spots on the sun it isncreases geomatic storms on the Earth.
Solar wind is the continuious flows of charged
particles from the sun that permeats the solar
What are the differences between fusion and fission?
What Composess the sun?
How long does it take for the light from the sun to reach Earth
8 mintues and 20 seconds
how long does it take for the sun to rotate on it's axis
it takes about 25 days
How do solar and lunar eclipes occour?
When the moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun
How long does our sun have left?
10 billion years
IF you weighed 100lbs, how much would you weigh on the sun?
2,707 Pounds
How do the sun's particles affect the earth?
it creates Aurora
How much brighter is the sun than the moon?
400,000 times (186,000 miles per second)
How fast does light from the sun move?
300000 km. per second
(186,000 miles per second)
The other sun's of the universe
Balls of gas
Give heat
at some point they burn

5790 degrees K
5500 degrees C
9900 degrees F
what man made object got closest to the sun?
The SOHO Spacecraft
What object was made to study the sun?

Bye I hope you had fun on our mission to the sun! :D
xD $_$ :P :O 8-) :)
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