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Protective Tariff

No description

Dylan Erikson

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Protective Tariff

Rechartering of National Bank
By rechartering the Nation Bank, America was further united economically by standardizing national currency and making American reliant on one main bank rather than many smaller "wildcat" banks.
The National Bank allowed investors in America to invest in an American institution instead of investing in an institution overseas which created more self-sufficiency in American.
Henry Clay's American System
Henry Clay's American System proposed using better transportation to create better American trade which would further unite America economically.
By improving America's trade, the American System would promote self-sufficiency by allowing Americans to be reliant on internal trade as oppose to international trade. The proposed American System also included a protective tariff which would support American industry and make America more economically self sufficient.
Protective Tariff
America's first protective tariff in 1816 bound America together economically by supporting American industry (by reducing European competition). This American industry made the south dependent on the north for material goods while the north relied on the south and west for cotton and crops.
This protective tariff also supported self sufficiency by taking out certain industrial competitors from England which resulted in Americans relying on American industry to produce goods.
Rocky Mountain School
Genre Artists
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Classical Revival Style v. Georgian Style
Hudson River School
Theme: Remaining true to yourself will benefit both you and society as a whole.
Theme of Project: Self-reliance shows how Americans began to rely on themselves rather than Europeans.
University of Virginia
The Scarlet Letter:
Theme: Society's views of an individual do not always reflect who that individual actually is.
Theme of Project: The Scarlet Letter showed that America had progressed from the views of colonial times.
Paul Revere's Ride:
Theme: American heroes have had a dramatic impact on America's development
Theme of Project: People worked to develop heroes which could be respected by all member of the nation.
Emerging Nationalism and its Significance
By: Dylan Erikson, Thomas Lawe, Zach Patel, Marinna Smith, and Laura Williams
Virginia Capitol
Jefferson believed that the Classical Revival style was more appropriate for public buildings in the new United States than the Georgian style. He felt that the Classical Revival style, which emulated the buildings of Ancient Rome and Greece, displayed power and influence. By using this style, he connected the United States with the earlier great empires.
These pieces display nationalism by illustrating the beauty of America, the American west, and in the case of the first painting, westward expansion.
These images illustrate the theme of nationalism by displaying the beauty of the American landscapes, serving to create pride in these areas.
Genre artists illustrate nationalism by painting everyday scenes of early American life, and the pride the people held in it.
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