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Eyes on the world

No description

Jose Dias

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Eyes on the world

Eyes on the world
Extreme poverty and hunger
We are dealing with extreme poverty and hunger, which in some way comes from the unemployment. Our idea is to change that, to make people notice that there are many jobs, that people are leaving behind.
Unemployment causes hunger and poverty because you don't get money. The lack of money will unable you to buy certain needs for your family or house.
The Jobs
Though there are many jobs where you can have a salary, people tend "not to notice them" or just don't remember them, but they're still important.
That's Why
That's why we had this idea, people are forgetting the jobs that used to be a lot more popular.
That's why we will show people the new jobs, the old ones, that no one remembers, that they hate.
In Detail
So our idea is to create a website where we show people the importance of all jobs. The recent and the old jobs that people forget, even the ones they're used to. Try to somewhat balance the community throughout the current jobs available.
"The old jobs"
There are "The old jobs" that people don't want to take but they are needed, like every job that exists even though some are needed to survive and other to develop.
Your choice is your own!
You have to see!
You need to understand!
The jobs are there you just need to pay attention!
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