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Marketing Project: Saad, Mehdi, Mariam, Omar, Youssef

No description

ayoub el mamoun

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Marketing Project: Saad, Mehdi, Mariam, Omar, Youssef

Presented by: Omar El Filali Mehdi Lazrak Saad Bahri Marketing Final project Youssef Rmiki Mariam Dahbi Sony PlayStation 3 Old Spice Needs ? Social Individual giving and receiving affection self-expression through entertainment
Overall Positionning Strategy Advertisement Objectives Informative Persuasive Reminder Why choosing if you can have both in one?
It supports an initial advert that shows the price of $299. Here: Focus on the product benefits rather than the price.
Advertisement’s appeals Humor/ Sarcasm Emotional Appeal Rhetorical Questions Execution format styles Slice Of Life Image Fantasy Effectiveness The father’s dilemma becomes ours and the advert answers effectively the question
Suggestions for a better ad’ Internet Support Current Problem: Hackers blocked the system Display price to enrich the ad:
not everyone knows it.
Needs ? Physical Social Corporal hygiene being clean for your partner and your surrounding
-Need to belong to a specific social life style
Target Market Positionning Strategy 4.40$ 4.40$ Advertisement Objectives To persuade ! Advertisement Appeals Emotional Appeal Humor Sexual Appeal Execution format Style Lifestyle Fantasy Musical Personality Symbol Effectiveness ? Suggestions Include the price Bring A sexy female star Thank You For Your Attention Thanks for coming
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