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Which Liquid Stains Your Teeth the Most?

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Jillian Melinek

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Which Liquid Stains Your Teeth the Most?

Which Liquid Stains Your Teeth the Most?
Hard-boiled Eggs in the Liquids
If the investigators put eggs into different liquids as a model of staining your teeth, then Kool-Aid will stain the most because it contains strong dyes and chemicals.
The Liquids
Kool-Aid Coffee Tea Mio Crystal Light Water
Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this investigation is to inform people of their everyday drinks' stainability.

The researchers were trying to find out which liquids stained the egg the most. Out of all the liquids tested the coffee ended up staining the egg the most. These findings are significant because it warns people of the everyday drinks that can stain their teeth.
By: Emma Gaspari & Jillian Melinek
1 cup of water
1 cup of Kool-Aid
1 cup of Mio
1 cup of Black Coffee
1 cup of Green Tea
1 cup of Crystal Light
6 transparent cups
6 hard-boiled eggs
1. Make all the drinks(Mio, Crystal Light,Kool-Aid, Coffee, Tea, Water)
2. Hard-Boil the eggs(Put eggs in water and bring to boil, then let sit for 12 minutes in the water. Afterwards run eggs under cold water.)
3. Place hard-boiled eggs into drinks made in step 1
4. Observe for 3 days and take pictures of the changes each day.
5. Take out eggs after 3 days and record observations.

Data and Observations
Water- Had no effect on egg
Tea- Slighty tinted egg a brownish color
Mio- Tinted egg an orange color
Kool-Aid- Made egg a red-orange color
Crystal light- Tinted egg a pink color
Coffee- Made egg turn brown
Water- Had no effect
Tea- Slightly darkened the brown color of the egg
Mio- Same as day before
Kool-Aid- Darkened the red-orange color of the egg
Crystal Light- Made egg a little bit more pink
Coffee- Made the brown color darker.
Water- had no effect
Tea- Left egg with a brownish color with a hint of orange
Mio- Didn't change from day before
Kool-Aid- Didn't change from day before
Crystal Light- Left a light pink colored egg
Coffee- Made egg a solid brown color
Analysis and Discussion
The hypothesis was that the Kool-Aid would stain the eggshell the most but, the results were that it was the coffee. Research proves that coffee is a popular everyday drink that causes extrinsic staining. The experiment would have been more productive if it would've been easier to tell how much each liquid stained the egg and if there could be a scale to show that, to be more precise.
In the experiment the investigators experimented which liquid stained an egg the most. The results show that coffee, stained the egg the most, so the hypothesis was not supported. Evidence that proves this is the egg itself, it was more stained than the Kool-Aid, it was also a darker color.
This experiment is of practical value because people drink these drinks and should know for the future if they stain your teeth. The knowledge gained from this experiment can help improve our culture and way of life because the makers of the drink that stains your teeth the most can change their product to help protect teeth and change the drink's stainability. This experiment can serve others by informing them on what drinks can stain their teeth and what to stay away from.
Day 1
Green Tea
Crystal Light Coffee
Day 2
Mio Kool-Aid
Crystal Light
Day 3
Crystal Light
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