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Caught In The Middle

The US is lagging in math and science according to recent surveys.

Adele Beatty

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Caught In The Middle

Caught in the middle TIMSS where we stand SO WHAT?
what can we do? Trends in International Math and Science Study standardized to determine world ranking
most rigorous international study, EVER. grades 4,8,12 >Grade 4: US is above average in math and science >Grade 8: US is below average in math and above average in science >Grade 12: US is below average in math and science are rankings even valid??? >According to NCES, TIMSS results are fair and valid for various reasons. US falling behind in math and science,
high school graduation levels dropping,
college enrollment and graduation levels dropping. US citizens are frequently competing with foreigners for jobs. No longer leading in tech advances. >continue research: MSU and NCES >Study what works >OBSERVE and REFLECT >implement change <<<CURRICULUM changes>>>
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