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Between Shades of Gray

No description

Emma Hanser

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray
Ruta Sepetys
Emma Hanser
Period 4
Background Info.
Ruta Sepetys was born in Michigan youngest of three but her father was born in Lithuania.
Between Shades of Gray was her first published novel.
Between Shades of Gray was inspired by her father who escaped Lithuania when he was a young boy.
She has written two published novels, Between Shades of Gray and Out of the Easy.
Ruta Sepetys
Favorite Quote:
A qoute from the book I really like is "Have you ever wondered what a human life is worth? That morning, my brother's was worth a pocket watch."
This happens when Lina's brother Jonas was about to be taken away from his family, but their mom steps in and offers a pocket watch in exchange for Jonas and his life.
This quote shows how much people would do for each other in these difficult times. This quote sends a powerful message.
Main Characters:
Lina Vilkas
Jonas Vilkas
Elena Vilkas
Andrius Azkyas

Lina Vilkas:
Lina is the protagonist of the story.
Lina loves to draw pictures and write letters to her cousin Joana.
Before she was taken away from her home, she was accepted into an art school.
She is very headstrong.
She keeps her hope alive by living in her memories.
I liked Lina because she is like me in some ways.
Jonas Vilkas:
Jonas is Lina's younger brother.
He is there for his family when they are sick.
He almost dies from scurvy but Andruis comes to the rescue with a can of tomatoes.
When he was at Altai he worked making shoes with two old Siberian woman then when winter comes he chopped down trees.
I liked Jonas because he was always there for his family.
Elena Vilkas:
Elena is Lina and Jonas' mom.
Everywhere she is, she goes out of her way to help everyone who needs it.
Speaks Russian
She is forced to teach children Russian in the beet farm even though, many kids don't know how to speak it.
I liked Elena because she reminded me of my mom, how she always went out of her way for everyone.
Andruis Azkyas:
Andruis is very nice to Lina and her family and becomes friends with everyone in the family.
When Lina leaves to go to the Arctic Circle, she gives all the drawings she has made over the past few months to Andruis.
Andruis sneaks food to Lina and her family to keep them alive when they are at Altai.
Andruis tends to stay close to his mom throughout the book because he loves her.
I liked Andruis because he was nice to everyone he met by sneaking them food, firewood, and other necessities they needed.
Events in the Book:
Page 13: The N.K.V.D. take Lina and her family from there house in the middle of the night.
Page 26: Jonas is almost taken away from his family at a train station.
Page 42: Lina, Jonas, and Andruis sneak out of the train car to see there fathers.
Page 95-96: They get to take a shower at a bathhouse.
Page 109: They all get taken to a collective farm and are forced to work as beet farmers.
Page 140: The first night they are pulled into the kolkhoz office to sign papers commiting them to 25 years of work at the beet farm.
Page 167: Lina and her family bribe the grouchy woman to send there letters to a relative of the family.
Page 173: Lina goes and draws two pictures for the N.K.V.D., a map and a family.
Page 191: Jonas falls sick with scurvy but is saved by Andruis.
Page 209: Everyone in the camp has a Christmas party in Mr. Stalas' hut.
Page 214: Lina has to draw a picture of the N.K.V.D. leader.
Page 228: Everyone in the camp throws a party for Lina on her birthday.
Page 246: Lina and her family are deported to the Arctic Circle.
The first major setting is the crowded train cars going to the Beet Farm and the Arctic Circle. The second major setting is the Beet Farm were they are forced to work as slaves. The third major setting is the Arctic Circle were they almost freeze to death.
The first minor setting is Lina's house where the N.K.V.D. Lina and her family in the middle of the night. The second minor setting is the bathhouse where they shot Ona.
The major conflict in the book is man vs. society because everyone is having to do what the N.K.V.D. and Stalin are telling them or they will get shot.
The theme of Between Shades of Gray is letting go is hard and living with it is harder. Lina has has to let go of her father, Andrius, her home, her old life and other things and she struggled with it every day.
Why I Chose:
I chose this book because I love historical fiction books. It's so fascinating learning how people survived through tough times like this. It makes you think, what would it be like if I was put in that situation. I like reading historical fiction but I don't like reading about what they had to go through because it's so bad. It puts my life in perspective.
Minor Characters:
Mr. Stalas- A bitter hearted man who breaks his leg the day he gets arrested.
Kretzsky- A N.K.V.D. officer who at the end comes around and helps out.
Janina- A little girl who has a dead dolly she talks to all the time.
Joana- Lina's cousin who escaped to Germany and cost Lina her freedom.
Dr. Samodurov- A doctor who came to rescue and saved a lot of lifes in the Arctic Circle.
Ona- A woman who gave birth the day she was arrested. Later both she and her baby die. After her baby died, she was really crazy.
Stalin and other info:
Joseph Stalin is known as one of the most powerful and murderous dictators in history.
Stalin was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union for a century around the time of World War II and Hitler.
Stalin controlled both the N.K.V.D. and the Red Army.
The N.K.V.D. are like the secret police of the Soviet Union.
Joseph Stalin
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