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Constitution of Mars

No description

Kevin Metcalfe

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Constitution of Mars

Constitution Of Mars Preamble / Declaration of Union

We the people of Mars mindful of our obligations before God and man, inspired by the willpower to achieve world peace as an equal partner in the universe. The Mars people, with their constituent power, have adopted this Basic Law. This Law will institute circumstances for the duty under which respect and justice is arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to uphold social progress and better values for equality of life.(German/United Nations Charter Constitution).

A constitution is an establishment of laws on how a nation is governed (England Constitution). Contents

Chapter 1: Government
Article 1: Composition
Article 2: Election and Appointment Chancellor
Article 3: Election of Federal Ministers
Chapter 2:Law making, Amending and Enforcing
Article 5: Establishing laws
Article 6: Changing and Editing laws
Article 7: Enforcing the laws
Chapter 3: Democratic, Legal and Equality Rights
Article 8: Democratic Rights
Article 9: Legal Rights
Article 10: Equality Rights
Article 11: Freedom of Expression
Chapter 4: Changing and Amending Constitution
Article 12: Changing Constitution
Article 13: Amending Constitution
Chapter 5:The State of Emergency
Article 14: Threats to Mars
Chapter 6:Taxation
Article 15: Income Tax
Chapter 7: Sovereignty
Article 16: Language
Article 17: National Emblem Chapter One: Government Article 1: Composition

The Federal Government of Mars will be a social democratic federal state.(German Constitution)

The Federal Government of Mars will be a republic government. (German Constitution)

The Federal Government will be composed of a Chancellor and Federal Ministers.(German Constitution)

Article 2: Election and Appointment Chancellor

The people of Mars shall elect its Chancellor through a general election. It shall adopt rules of procedure. (United States of America Constitution)

Any person of the age of eighteen or older shall be entitled to vote; any person of the age of eighteen or older may be elected.(German Constitution)

The Term of the Chancellor will be no longer than 4 years. At that time a general election will be called. (United States of America Constitution)

A Chancellor may only serve a total of 2 terms. (United States of America Constitution) Article 3: Election of Federal Ministers

Ministers of the Mars republic shall be elected in general, direct, free, equal, and secret elections. The whole people will be represented by the ministers of Mars and responsible only to their conscience not bound by orders or instructions.(German Constitution)

Any person who has attained the age of eighteen shall be entitled to vote; any person who has attained the age of majority may be elected.(German Constitution) Article 4: Levels of Power

The Federal Chancellor will have the power to decide, determine and be responsible for the general rules of the policy. Each Federal Minister within their limits can independently, and with his/her own responsibility control, the affairs of his/her department. Differences of opinions between Federal Ministers will be resolved by the Federal Government. The proceedings of the Federal Government will be handled for the Federal Chancellor within the rules of procedure that have been adopted by the Government and approved by the Federal President.(German Constitution) Chapter 2: Law Making, Amending and Enforcing Article 5: Establishing laws

All bills shall start in the Federal House; but the Chancellor may make changes through proposals or amendments as on other Bills.(United States of America Constitution)

Every bill which has passed the Federal Ministers will, before it is a law, be introduced to the Chancellor of Mars. Should he approve he will then sign the bill. Should he not approve the bill, the bill with the Chancellor’s objections will be returned to the Federal Ministers where it was first introduced, who will look at the objections as a whole and reconsider the bill.(United States of America Constitution)

If after such reconsideration two thirds of the Federal Ministers agree to pass the bill with the amendments provided by the Chancellor, it then shall now be a law. (United States of American Constitution)

No Federal Minister will be prosecuted, investigated, arrested, detained or tried due to their way of voting or their opinions on a certain bill. (France Constitution)

No laws shall be made or passed obeying an organization of religion, or stopping the free work thereof. (United States of America Constitution) Article 6: Changing and Editing Laws

Laws may only be changed or edited by a new law clearly stating the amending or supplementing its text. (German Constitution)

Any such law shall be carried by two thirds of the Federal Ministers. (German Constitution) Article 7: Enforcing the Law

The judicial power of Mars will be entrusted in one Supreme Court. The judges, will be in office during good behaviour and will receive compensation for their services. This compensation will not be decreased during their continuance in office. (United States of America Constitution)

The judicial power of Mars will be for all cases in law including but not limited to equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the Mars. (United States of America Constitution)

The trial of all crimes, will be heard by a jury. (United States of America Constitution)

In suits at common law, should the value in the dispute be more than twenty dollars, the right for a trial by jury will be maintained. A fact tried by a jury will not be reconsidered in any court of Mars, then according to the rules of common law.(United States of America Constitution)

Cruel and unusual punishments will not be imposed. There will not be no excessive bail nor excessive fines dictated.(United States of America Constitution) Chapter 3: Democratic, Legal and Equality Rights Article 8: Democratic rights

No one will be without the right of life which is a gift of God and the natural right of human beings except by the provision of law.(Afghanistan Constitution)

The natural right of human beings is Liberty This Liberty right has no limits unless it is influencing public interests and the rights of others., which are regulated by law. (Afghanistan Constitution)

In accordance with the provisions of law, every member Mars citizen has the right to travel abroad and return home. (Afghanistan Constitution) Article 9: Legal rights

Only in accordance with the provisions of the law, can a Mars citizen can be arrested, detained, or pursued. (Afghanistan Constitution)

In order for an act to be recognized as a crime, the act must have been done after the adoption of the law. (Afghanistan Constitution)

Only under the provisions of the law or by way of an order from an authorized court can someone’s property be confiscated.(Afghanistan Constitution)

No person’s right to keep and bear arms, will be infringed on. (United States of American Constitution)

The people of Mars have the right to protect their persons, houses, papers and effects from unreasonable searches and seizures. Warrants shall only be issued upon probable cause which is supported by an affidavit stating the exact place to be searched and the persons and items to be seized. (United States of American Constitution) Article 10: Equality rights

Whether man or woman, all persons shall be equal before the law and have equal rights and duties. (German Constitution and Afghanistan Constitution)

No kind of discrimination will be prohibited between citizens of Mars. (Afghanistan Constitution) Article 11: Freedom of Expression

Every person of Mar has the right to freely express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing, and pictures. Every person of Mar has the right to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Through broadcasts and film the freedom of the press and freedom of reporting will be guarantee. Censorship will not exist. (German Constitution) Chapter 4: Changing and Amending the Constitution Article 12: Changing the Constitution

The Constitution cannot be amended during a Statement of Emergency. (Afghanistan Constitution) Article 13: Amending the Constitution

The Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Federal Ministers will have the right to introduce amendments to the Constitution. (France Constitution)

A commission made up of Federal Ministers and the Supreme Court which is approved by the Chancellor shall prepare a draft amendment to the Constitution.(Afghanistan Constitution)

A bill to amend the Constitution must be considered within the time limits and be passed by the Federal Ministers. (France Constitution)

In order for the amendments to be enforced, the Federal Ministers must approve the amendment by a majority of two-thirds of its members. The amendment will then be enforced by the Chancellor. (Afghanistan Constitution) Chapter 5: The State of Emergency Article 14: Threats to the state

Should the survival of Mars become impossible due to war, threat of war, serious rebellion, natural disasters, or situations similar to these protecting the independence, the Chancellor will confirm a state of emergency in Mars. Should the state of emergency continue for more than two months, the Chancellor and Federal Ministers are required to agree on its extension. (Afghanistan Constitution) Chapter 6: Taxation Article 15: Income tax

The Chancellor has the power to apply and collect taxes on incomes from the people of Mar and without regard to any census or enumeration.(United States of American Constitution) Chapter 7: Sovereignty Article 16: Language

The language of Mars shall be English. (France Constitution) Article 17: National Emblem

The national emblem shall be green, black and red tricolour flag. (France Constitution) Constitution of Mars
Year 2012
Part Two After comparing the Constitution of Mars, that I wrote, with the Canadian Constitution, I found there were many similarities for instance; freedom rights, equality rights, legal rights, and income tax laws. I also noted some differences in the constitutions like gun laws, the National emblem, the form of government and how laws are made.

Both the Canadian Constitution and the Constitution of Mars concur that everyone has the right to life and liberty. The constitutions recite that every citizen has the right to enter, and leave their perspective countries. The Canadian Constitution and the Constitution of Mars further declare that everyone is equal under the eyes of the law and no one is above the law no matter which individual he or she is. Each constitution expresses once a citizen reaches the age of eighteen that citizen has the right to vote. Another area that both constitutions are similar is the fact that everyone has the right to secure against unreasonable search and seizure. Canada and Mars share the same view on income taxes; plus they both enforce a tax on working citizens who live in the country. As for differences, the Canadian Constitution makes reference to the rights of the aboriginal people of Canada and the rights to the general public of Canada. The Constitution of Mars only deals with the rights of the people altogether. There is no distinction of different nationalities because Mars was not anybody’s land before the general public took possession whereas the aboriginal people owned Canada’s land prior to the Canadian government. Both countries have different National emblem. While Canada has a red and white flag with the Canadian maple leaf on it, the Martians have a green, black and red tricolour flag. The Constitution of Mars has a gun law that states “no person’s right to keep and bear arms, will be infringed on whereas Canada’s gun laws state that you must have a license to buy and own a gun. Finally, the Canadian government consists of three levels that include the federal level, provincial level and the municipal level. The highest rank is the Prime Minister and he helps to run the country. Also Canada rules with democracy. Mars’ government contains only one level of government and that is the federal level. The head of the country is called the Chancellor. Mars is a democracy while Canada is a constitutional monarchy. A bill in Canada starts off as an idea then is put through first, second and third reading. After the bill has gone through all three readings, a vote is held. If the bill passes the vote, it then is made into a law. In Mars, a bill is first introduced in the Federal House. If it passes through the House then it is passed to the Chancellor. If the Chancellor thinks it is a good bill he will sign it and make it law. If he doesn’t sign the bill then it will go back to the Federal House to be worked on. The Constitution of Mars states that the Chancellor may only serve a total of two terms in office. In the Canadian Constitution a party may serve as many terms as they can depending on the votes of the people. By having this limitation in the Constitution of Mars, Mars will have the opportunity to experience different leaderships and develop more laws. By doing this comparison, I have found that constitutions can have many similarities and differences. These similarities and differences are what make countries unique from one another.
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