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How important is the parent/child relationship in forming pe

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Beatriz Maldonado

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of How important is the parent/child relationship in forming pe

How important is the parent/child relationship in forming personality?
Stories being used:
The seafarer
The door in the wall
Living with your kid is murder
Beowulf’s father was a warrior who went out and fought with monsters to protect the people.
So Beowulf grew up around his dad who was a hero to many people.
Knowing that his dad protected others Beowulf became a hero himself.
If Beowulf's dad didn't have faith in himself then Beowulf wouldn't have faith in himself either.
Beowulf and his father never ask for anything in return.
They follow the code of ethics.
The seafarer
The door in the wall
As a child he would imagine things in his head due to the fact he never had anyone to spend time with and talk to. If his father would have spent time with him he wouldn't have to imagine people that he could actually sit down and talk with or spend time with them.
His mother died when he was born and his father was a lawyer.
The seafarer has been on the sea for a long time. He has never left the sea for land even though he does get lonely, he has dedicated his life to the sea. He's never been around anyone but the sea, the creatures in it, and his ship. If he is very dedicated to the sea and doesn't leave the sea for the land then maybe his father was dedicated to something or his father showed him that he should never give up on something he loves. Also he could have possibly spent a lot of time with his father on the sea.
Living with your kid is murder
Jennifer and her dad have to have a close relationship to team up to clear Paul's name. If Denver didn't believe in his father he wouldn't have allowed Jennifer to help her grandfather. Jennifer learned that she should always believe in her loved ones and help them the most she can.
Which Paul is really not the murder.
The End
The parent/child relationship is important because if the child grows up in a home where he/she is never paid attention to the child will grow up not knowing what it means to have someone actually there for them and know how much their parents actions reflect on them later in life.
I think Markheim was the way he was because he didn't have anyone to guide him through life.
His parents weren't around to tell him wrong from right.
He went and killed a man and his conscience was getting to him. He felt bad after he did it.
If his parents were there for him when he was small he would have been a better person and not kill the dealer because he was offering him to buy the glass which reflected himself.
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