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Alessandra Jenkins

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Inference

Introduction to Inference
By: Ashley, Laura, Patty, and Vy
Inferences from Popular Literature
The act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true.
All he would have to do would be to be to slip the translation out of his desk, copy it, put it away, and he would pass the examination. All of his worries would be over. His father would be happy that he passed the examination. He wouldn't have to go to summer school. He and Charlie could go out to Colorado together to work on that dude ranch. He would be through with Latin forever. The Latin grade would never pull his average down again. Everything would be alright. Everything would be fine. All he would have to do would be to copy that one paragraph. Everyone cheated. Maybe not as V.P.S. But in other schools they bragged about it....Everyone cheated in one way or another. Why should that one passage ruin everything? Who cared what problems the Romans had?
1. What subject is the student having difficulty with?
2. How is he rationalizing his decision?
Decisions decisions!!
sit back and enjoy this awesome video
Inferences from the Social Sciences
A good reader makes educated guesses based on observable details. We use our intuition and experiences to create a likely interpretation of what is happening in a story, while being careful the our interpretation is logical and realistic.
What is inference?

1. conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

2. the process of inferring something.

Literary Inference is the act of examining a story in order to determine what the story means or what message the story is trying to convey.
Let take a look back to the short story "Complaining" that we have read. By using the clues provided by the author throughout the excerpt, we can infer from the story that:
- Angelou's grandmother did not respect complainers.
- Angelou learned not to complain because of her grandmother's teaching.
- Angelou had a great deal of respect for her grandmother.
Inferences from Cartoons
Proverb- is a traditional saying that offers advice or presents a moral.
In order to understand proverbs, you must be able to read between the lines. -PROVERBS CANNOT BE READ IN THE LITERAL SENSE-

We make inferences or intellgent guesses, every day of our lives, e.g. If a teacher sees a student looking at his watch and tapping his foot, the teacher will likely assume the student is anxious to leave the class.
If someone comes home from work and slams the door, most of us will deduce that the person is upset about something.
We can infer that this man's mother is complaining about him on Facebook.... ??WHY???
We know Facebook lingo (followers), one of the people is on a laptop, and we know that people LOVE to complain on their status updates.
We can infer that the cats legs were taken by the piranha. ???why???
Well we know that cats like to bat at fish and we know that piranhas eat things, therefor, we can infer that the cat stuck his paw in the piranha tank and the piranha ate his paws
Inference what happened to the cat above....
Drawing Inferences from Literature
__________FILL IN THE BLANK_________
Do __ I ___, Not __ I do.
He ___laughs ____, laughs ______
The ______ is _______, but the _____ is ____
Two's ______, three's a _______
Imitation __ the ____ sincerest form of _________
The ___ to a ____ heart __ through ____ _____________.
When in ______, do as _______'s do
Variety __ the _______ of _______
Too many _____ spoil the _______
Look _______ you _________
Choose the best answer for the following question:
What can you infer from the excerpt "EL Dia De Los Muertos: The Day of the Dead" :
a. a graveyard is no place for a celebration.
b. poking fun at death is in poor taste.
c. this kind of celebration may help people cope with their own inevitable death.
d. unlike the lighthearted attitude toward death reflected i U.S. culture, Mexicans exhibit a very serious attitude.
Mom Mom I first I fell of the swing then the monkey bars and lastly the slide gave me a knee burn. And you said this was going to be a wonderful day to go out and have fun. I wonder what kind of horrible childhood my mother had with no internet ??

Where did the little boy go?
Why was he so upset at his mother?
Why do you think he said the comment about his mother's childhood?
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