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"The Seventh Man" -Haruki Murakami

No description

Evan Williams

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of "The Seventh Man" -Haruki Murakami

In the short story the narrator goes from a withdrawn, learned man to a flashback of when he was excitable and young, before and during his best friend's death.
At the end of the story we see how the narrator changed from happy boy to sad, terrified kid, to terrified adult, and eventually to an man released from his greatest fears.
Character Development
This story is told from the first person point of view.
Point of View
The story is set in a small coastal town in the Province of S. in Japan
-The main character starts his story about K.
-He tells us about his life during early childhood.
-We hear how much K. means to the main character.
Rising Action:
-We hear about the Typhoon and the preparation for the typhoon.
-The main character walks to the beach with K. and K.’s dog.
-The main character hears a sucking and rumbling sound
-The first giant wave rises up and falls on K.
-The second wave rises up and K. appeared inside the wave crest.
Falling Action:
- The main character passes out, and then wakes up days later sick and in bed.
-K. was never found
-The main character has nightmares for years after, along with extreme phobia of water.

Plot Cont.
-The main character over comes his fear.
- He returns to his hometown
-He walks into the water that K. was taken by.

Plot Cont.
"The Seventh Man" -Haruki Murakami
Brought to you by the following:
Oliayah Johnson-Stewart
Evan Williams
Seth Lalla
The narrator also takes us to Nagano, Japan which is in the mountains and to some kind of support group meeting.
The theme or message of the story is that fear is a powerful thing that should be listened to, not ignored.
This is best illustrated as the narrator says in the last paragraph “Oh, the fear is there, all right. It comes to us in many different forms, at different times, and overwhelms us. But the most frightening thing we can do at such times is to turn our backs on it, to close our eyes. For then we take the most precious thing inside us and surrender it to something else.” –Haruki Murakami
Murakami, HarukiMurakami, Haruki. The Seventh Man : n. pag. Www.acschools.org. Cms, 7 May 2011. Web. 7 Oct. 2014.
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