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CCG AGQTP Web 2.0 Project Intro

A short presentation to introduce the focus and goals of our school's AGQTP Web 2.0 project in 2011.

Brendan Vanderkley

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of CCG AGQTP Web 2.0 Project Intro

Leveraging Web 2.o for Authentic Learning In 2011... Christian College is taking part in an exciting project with 12 teachers
3 campuses
8+ faculties + Web 2.0 tools powerful
pedagogy authentic 21st century learning smart online space Rich media Blogs Podcasts Stixy Research-based pedagogy that fosters in students: self-initiative
intrinsic motivation
critical thinking
lifelong learning attitude Learning that is: real, rich, relevant
student self-managed
relevant to the real world
not restricted to the confines of the classroom
connected A vision of 21st century teachers... A vision for our project... 12 teachers become learners... ...so that they can then share what they've learned with their colleagues. ...of 21st century digital pedagogy... The Project Outline Term 2 Workshops and teacher experimentation Term 3 Small scale teacher introduction in classes
Planning of Web 2.0 unit of work Term 4 Implementation of unit of work leveraging Web 2.0
Participant reflection and feedback Support Tom March Coby Beatson Questions? The Project Team Team Leaders Marion Nott
Brendan Vanderkley Participants Geoffrey Trevaskis
Anthony Timpano
Elizabeth Marsland
Kerrie Reid
Luke Feldman
Ian Neville Debra Singleton
Yuji Nakayama
Stephen Cody
Daniel Fanning
Deb Canaway
Molly Drayton Imagine if Web 2.0 technologies could be leveraged to provide: More meaningful learning
More engaging and effective teaching
A more differentiated classroom
More efficient use of class time
Learning for a digital and global society
Access to a truly global learning community for teachers and students Follow the project blog: http://ccgweb2project.wordpress.com/
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