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Assignment 5

Ken Wilde Construction

saydi wilde

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Assignment 5

Kindle Facts about the Kindle. Why buy a kindle? What is a Kindle? It is a hand held reading device. It is a device that is thinner than some magazines and lighter than most paper back books. It is a device that enables you to order books wirelessly. You don't have to wait for reserved books in the library or until you make the next trip to the book store inorder to get your books as you can order them online. Get a large selection of books without taking up lots of room in your house.
It is light weight and small enough to take just about anywhere. Can read up to one week on one battery charge. Saves you money in the long run. Amazon has over 480 000 books for the Kindle. It is a device that makes it possible to take your personal library with you everywhere. Has a Read-to-me feature that allows the Kindle to read aloud to you. You can get not only books to put on it but also subscribe to magazines and newspapers. Comes in two sizes 6" or 9.7". The 6" Kindle can hold 1 500 books. The larger can hold 3 500 books. 3G wireless allows you to download books from you kindle without any annual contracts or monthly fees. It also allows for the costomer to have books delivered wirelessly in less than 60 seconds. You can also carry and read your personal and professional documents on the go.
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