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Ohio's 16 Career Clusters

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Lauren Kohls

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Ohio's 16 Career Clusters

Career Clusters Ohio has 16 different Career Clusters Occupations and Industries grouped together based on their similarities The production and processing of agricultural resources such as food, fuel, fiber, plants, and animals. Agriculture, Food, and
Natural Resources The design, building, and maintenance of the
built environment. Architecture and Construction The production and performing of visual arts, performing arts, journalism and entertainment. Arts, Auto/Visual Technology, and Communications Business Management & Administration The planning and organizing of business functions needed for efficient and productive business operations. Providing education and training services and support services. Education & Training Planning services for financial and investment planning, banking, and insurance. Finance Management and administration at the local,
state, and federal level. Government & Public Administration Planning and providing therapeutic service, diagnostic service, health information, and
support service. Health Science Management and operations of restaurants,
lodging, attractions, recreation, and travel
related services. Hospitality & Tourism Careers related to families and human
needs. Human Services Design, development, and management of
hardware, software, multimedia, and
information systems. Information Technology Planning and providing legal, public defense,
and protective services. Law, Public Safety, Corrections
& Security Planning and performing the processing of
materials into final products. Manufacturing Marketing Planning and managing marketing activities
to reach an organization objective. Planning and providing scientific research, technological services, and laboratory testing and research. Science, Technology, Engineering
& Mathematics Planning and managing the movement of
people, materials, and goods. Transportation, Distribution
& Logistics You may find an occupation/career in more than one career cluster.

Ex. Counselor
Education and Training or Human Services
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