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"The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind"

Summer reading project.

Saylor Drawe

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind"

"The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" By: William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer. Description of the Author: "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" was written by William, who actually expirenced and went through all of these activities. Since he was born in Masitala, on August 5th, 1987. He was very interested in school, and cared a lot about his family. He went to school at Wimbe Primary School, and was dissapointed in not getting accepted to his number one college. That didn't stop William from following his dreams. Since William did not speak very well English Bryan, an American Journolist, helped him write the book. After building the windmill, William was an insparation of everyones, even in America. This was William's school when he was going to Wimbe Primary. Now, American's have gone over and repaired it so other kids can get a better education.

http://williamkamkwamba.typepad.com/williamkamkwamba/2009/06/index.html Setting: This story took place in 2009, in Malawi, Africa. This was a very poor town at the time. So poor that most of the days they only got one meal. They had dirty clothes and no shoes, this didn't stop William from doing what he desired. Climax: The climax in "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" is as takes a turn in his life, when they don't have enough money for him to go to school. That wasn't the big part. William, not being able to go to school, he strived to follow his dream. He did everything to get a good education, such as going to the library with his friend. There he learned about the windmill he wanted to make, he satarted inventing more and more things that made the town proud. Audience: The perfect audience for this book is either a teenager or an adult, someone who is intrested in the life of a hard working kid in a different country. Recomendation I recomend this book to young adults because the book was more challenging for seventh graders so I recomened this book to highe schoolers and higher. The book had a few or more words that I could not eaither pronounce or define. The book is a very good book but very challenging book. Favorite Quote My favorite quote is, "it was me I said." i like that quoite because it explains a lot. It explains that you are very honest. Charactors The two main charectors are, One, the boys who gave william the bubble gum.
They were one of the most important charactors because they almost got william humungouse trouble because they stole that gum and gave william that gum to eat. The seconed, most important charactor is williams dad. He is important in the book because he was in the book a lot when blank needed him. He also told a lot of tories to him. Summery: * He was walkin on street and boys came up offfered him bubble gum
Found out that the gum was found on track
A manacused the boys of steeling the gumm
William and dad confesed it was him
mother could not pay $80 tuition so learned from lbrary.
Dad telling stories of what happened back thgen
There was no electricity so then he wanted to make wind and air conditioning
So then he created a mini windmill and then he decied that somehow he could make electricity form a bigger one of those windmills
So he did that he made a bigger windmill and that createed electricity for his house and then he thought and thout only if he mad a lot then he wouyld beable to make just enough for the town the he was able to do that.
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