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Introduction to iPhone Apps Development Training Course by Appscellent

Jit San Chia

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of intro

How I made my own iPhone (& iPad) Apps ... ... and sold them to the World presents and if I can ... so can you! MAKING TESTING 1. register as an Apple Developer for free at http://developer.apple.com

2. download iPhone SDK 3.2 for free

3. install the SDK for free SELLING 4. Sign up for the iPhone Apps Development Training Course at http://www.appscellent.com and learn the essentials of these

Interface Builder
Xcode Help
Xcode Organiser
Xcode Console
Xcode Debugger Obj-C Programming

Coding buttons, input boxes, etc

Placing and positioning text, graphics

Playing sounds and music

Taking photos

Displaying Google maps Testing on iPhone simulator Testing on iPhone need to sign up for iPhone Developer Program with Apple (99USD) A production by Detecting current location

Connecting to internet

Displaying web info

Simple Animation and Transition iPhone Provisional Portal iPhone Provisional Portal Development Certificates

Distribution Certificates

Assign Developmental and Testing Devices

Obtaining App IDs

Obtaining Provisioning Profiles App Store Distribution Profile iTunesConnect Set up contracts, tax & banking info

Upload your apps

Manage your apps

Monitoring sales

Request promo codes
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