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A Good Man is Hard to Find &

No description

Isabela Espadas

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of A Good Man is Hard to Find &

The Quest
The Quest in O'Connor' Work

(a) Mr. Shiftlet
(b) Mobile, Alabama
(c) Honeymoon
(d) Leaving his new bride, picking up the young boy, reading the highway sign
(e) Various interpretations (self-knowledge, chance at salvation, etc.)
Biblical References in The Life You Save May Be Your Own
Why the Bible's influence is so profound
Works Cited

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A Good Man is Hard to Find &
The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Sofi Rice, Slater Hale, Andrea St. Paul, Isabela Leal

(a) Grandma
(b) Florida and House/Plantation
(c) Family vacation
(d) The Misfit
(e) Grandmother's selfishness and authority
The quest consists of five things:
(a) Quester
(b) Place to go
(c) Stated reason to go there
(d) Challenges and trials en route
(e) Real reason to go there.

"The real reason for a quest is always self-knowledge. That's why questers are so often young, inexperienced, immature, sheltered." (Foster, 3).
Biblical References in "A Good Man is Hard to Find..."
Finally she found herself saying, "Jesus. Jesus," meaning, Jesus will help you, but the way she was saying it, it sounded as if she might be cursing ("A Good Man Is Hard").

The trees were full of silver-white sunlight and the meanest of them sparkled ("A Good Man Is Hard").

His wife brought the orders ... "It isn't a soul in this green world of God's that you can trust," she said. "And I don't count nobody out of that, not nobody," she repeated, looking at Red Sammy ("A Good Man Is Hard").
“He turned his back and faced the sunset. He swung both his whole and his short arm up slowly so that they indicated an expanse of sky and his figure formed a crooked cross” (146).
The old woman began to gum a seed. “What you carry in that tin box, Mr. Shiftlet?” she asked. “Tools,” he said, put back. “I’m a carpenter.” (148)
“Lady, a man is divided into two parts, body and spirit.”...“A body and a spirit,” he repeated. “The body, lady, is like a house: it don’t go anywhere; but the spirit, lady, is like a automobile: always on the move, always . . .”(152).
The boy bent over her and stared at the long pink-gold hair and the half-shut sleeping eyes. Then he looked up and stared at Mr. Shiftlet. “She looks like an angel of Gawd,” he murmured. (154)
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