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When You've Hit the Wall, Write Around it

Strategies for Finding Good Story Ideas Presented by Mary Sweetwood & Tom Pittman

Tom Pittman

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of When You've Hit the Wall, Write Around it

Strategies for Finding Good Story Ideas When You've Hit the Wall, Write Around It It doesn't have to be someone famous; it could be a successful business owner in the area, a doctor, a dentist, entrepreneur, attorney -- anybody! Interview a Successful Alumnus
of Your High School Write an article about part-time (or summer -- or holiday) job suggestions. Interview a few students who have part-time jobs in fast-food, grocery stores, babysitting, etc. Discuss the pros and cons, stress, and difficulties students face balancing work and school. Part-Time Job Ideas Is there an exchange student at your school this year?
This is a great time to interview him or her.
How different are our cultures?
What's odd about America? Exchange Student Spotlight Okay, so this one isn't really "news" but it would make a pretty cool feature. Ask teachers from your school to share a photo of themselves as a baby or child. Try to get at least 10 teachers to participate. Guess the Teacher's Baby Photo A serious but important topic. Write an article about teen suicide statistics, warning signs, and what to do if you're feeling suicidal. Talk with someone from
Help Hotline: 330-747-2696 Teen Suicide Prevention List places that need teen volunteers. Volunteer Opportunities for Teens Ask them why they serve on the board, what they do and talk about their background.
Additionally, you could explain a bit about the board and its responsibilities. Interview School Board Members Ask your guidance counselor for advice.
You might also list
available local scholarships. Tips for Applying for
College Scholarships Share pictures and details of pets students have.
Interview 5-10 students with pets; include photos along with notable information. Pet Spotlight Get quotes from health or biology teacher Reasons Why You Should Not Smoke How "green" is your school?
What can your school do to reduce its carbon footprint? Going Green Presented by Tom Pittman Gun Control?
Global issues?
Politics? How nutritious are your school's lunches?
Do they follow federal guidelines?
Does your school provide vending machines? School lunches Candy? Car Washes?
Who's raising money and for what purpose?
Who needs to raise money?
What clever ways can you raise this money? Fund-raising Possibilities Local business profiles?
Local book or film clubs?
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