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The Butterfly Effect:

No description

S. Elam

on 11 July 2015

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Transcript of The Butterfly Effect:

The Butterfly Effect:
A Skyline Experiment

What is the Butterfly Effect?
In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

In other words...

Even the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. If you change even the smallest of life’s details, you can possibly completely change its outcome.
For example...
Think you can make a difference?

Skyline will be awarding 20 Butterfly Grants of $50 each to students who want to test the theory.

You should have an idea of how you might use the money before you apply, but can certainly change your mind if you discover a different need.
How to Start a Project?
Fill out the Butterfly Grant form.
Submit to your Skytime teacher by noon on May 13.
Awards will be randomly selected in a raffle that afternoon
Students will be notified if they were chosen to receive a grant on May 14.

Then What Do We Do?
Take the $50 and use it in a way you think will make the biggest impact.
You can break it up into smaller amounts or combine funding or raise more funds on your own.
It’s all up to you!
Then What?
Document the result and turn into
your Skytime Teacher by May 27.
You can use video, written accounts, photos, etc.
Results will be shared in Skytime on June 3.

Any Other Rules?
Nope - make what you want to out of the opportunity.

You can choose to help an individual(s), someone
you know or complete stranger(s) or more broadly support a cause or charity.

Or come up with your own ideas!

Need Some Inspiration?
Butterfly Project Grant Form
Noah Croasdill
Zeke Majeske
UNICEF's butterfly project
Ariana Trossen and Krystal Hur
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