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Getting Financial Aid

No description

Maria J. Rivas

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Getting Financial Aid

Financial Aid Step by Step
Getting Financial Aid
Thalina Espinoza
José Mario Galeas
Kimberly Merren
Rómulo Pinel
María J. Rivas
Enil Serrano
Step 4: Get Ready for the Forms
Step 5: Fill Out the FAFSA
File on time and submit FAFSA ASAP.
Be accurate and on time.
Reapply every year.
Step 6: Fill Out the PROFILE
File early.
The PROFILE is online only.
There are fees, but students from low-income families may qualify for a fee waiver.
Depending on your circumstances, you or one of your parents may have to submit supplemental info. to one or more of your colleges.
Step 7: Fill Out Any Other Required Forms
Step 8: Make Your Special Circumstances Known
Tell the college financial aid office as soon as you know about your special circumstances.
Explain your situation clearly.
Step 9: Look for Scholarships
Outside scholarships will probably provide only a small part of the money you need for college.
There are national and statewide scholarships programs.
Websites, books, and school counselor can help you match outside scholarships to your qualifications.
Your outside scholarship may affecr the financial aid package awarded by your college.
Refer back to the pros and cons
Explain how it will help
Describe the next steps
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Tables And Worksheets
Scholarship Application Planner
Meet Your Application Deadlines
Compare Your Awards
Financial Aid Letter Examples
Sample Financial Aid Award Letter 1
Sample Financial Aid Award Letter 2
Estimate Your EFC Under Federal Methodology
Estimate a Dependant Student's Expected Contribution
Estimate the Parent's Expected Contribution
Contact Info. for State Aid Programs
Alabama Comission on Higher Education
Alaska Commissin on Postsecondary Education
Arizona Department of Education
Arkansas Department of Higher Education
California Student Aid Commission
Colorado Department f Education
Connecticut Office of Higher Education
Delaware Higher Education Office
Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Florida Department of Education
Georgia Student
Step 10: Weigh the Offers
Your decision about which offer to accept should be based not just in cost but on how well the college fits you academically, socially, and personally.
Step 11: Consider Your Out-of-Pocket Options
Several saving options.
You can work during college or promise to work later.
You can borrow through student or parent loans.
You can reduce your costs.
Tax breaks can help you meet college costs.
Once You're in College
Reapply for aid every year.
Maintain your federal eligibility by staying in school the right number of hours and avoiding illegal drugs.
Keep up your grades.
Make a budget and stick to it.
Be wary of credit cards.
Save for future expenses.
Great Colleges
10 Colleges that Give Scholarships with Financial Aid in Academic
Alabama State University
Academy of Art University
American University
Florida Institute of Technology
Albany State University
Hawaii Pacific University
College of Idaho
Augustana College
Anderson University
Ashford University
Asbury University
10 Colleges that Give Scholarship with Financial Aid in Art
5 Colleges that Give Scholarship with Financial Aid in Art
Alabama: Alabama State University
California: Academy of Art University
Florida: Barry University
Georgia: Albany State University
Hawaii: Chaminade University of Honolulu
Alaska Pacific University
Adams State University
Andrew College
Chaminade University Of Honolulu
Aurora University
Asbury University
Dillard University
University of Maine
Truckee Meadows Community College
Ashland University
10 Colleges that Give Scholarship with Financial Aid in Athletic
Archery: Dine College M,W
Badminton: Fresno City College M,W
Baseball: Alabama State University M
Basketball: University of Mobile M,W
Bowling: Delaware State University W
Cheerleading: Arkansas Tech University M,W
Diving: Florida State University M,W
Fencing: Standford University M,W
Field Hockey: Ball State University W
Soccer: Florida Institute of Technology M,W

10 Colleges that Give Scholarships with Financial Aid in Music/Drama
Arizona Christian University
American Jewish University
Albertus Magnus College
Florida Institute of Technology
Georgia Southern University
Brigham Young University-Hawaii
Idaho State University
Bradley University
Hesston College
Centenary College of Louisiana
10 Colleges that Give Scholarships with Financial Aid in ROTC
Air Force ROTC: John Brown University
Army ROTC: Capital Community College
Naval ROTC:George Town University
Air Force ROTC: Lynn University
Army Naval ROTC: Mercer University
Naval Force ROTC: Brigham Young University-Hawaii
Air Force ROTC: University of Iowa
Army ROTC: Western Kentucky University
Naval ROTC: Dillard University
Air Force ROTC: Concordia University
Rank School Percent, Receiving need-based grants, Averagecost after receiving grants based on need

1 Harvard University, 58%, $15,169

2 Princeton University ,58.8%, $17,994

3 Yale University ,52.2% $17,352

4 Stanford University 47.9% $19,361

5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 57.3% $21,363

6 Columbia University-47.6% $21,906

7 Dartmouth College-48.5% $22,503

8 California Institute of Technology-51.2% $23,281

9 Rice University -40.6%, $19,976

10 University of Pennsylvania -46.5% $23,542
Financial Aid Step by Step
Step 1: Let's Go Over the Basics
It is money to help you pay for college
It may come in the form of a gift or in the form of self-help
Most people get it because they need it, though some get it solely because of merit.
The federal government funds most of it, but states, colleges and outside sources also help.
Step 2: Estimate How Financial Aid Will Work for You
Your family will be required to pay an expected family contribution.
The costs of the college you attend minus the financial aid you receive equals what you pay.
College savings will not be held against you.
Step 3: Choosing Colleges, Thinking Costs
Each school has different costs and financial aid policies.
When choosing colleges to apply to, consider a "financial safety."
Your costs might vary from the published averages.
You might be able to save money at a public college or community college.
Research the colleges you're considering and contact their financial aid offices early.
File on time - filing late can cost you money.
File your FAFSA online.
Make a timeline to keep track of your deadlines, including college priority dates.
Gather together the records you need to fill out the forms.
They're usually short.
Their questions vary from school to school and from state to state.
They may determine if you're special for special grants.
They may help verify your financial info.
If state aid is available, apply for it.
If one of your colleges requires an institutional applications, fill it out.
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