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What tasks do military robots perform?

No description

Bogdan Short

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of What tasks do military robots perform?

Military Robot
Is the robot and effector Multi-Functional?
Military robots can be used for lots of things. Some of the things are taking pictures, firing a gun, disarming bombs, carrying wounded soldiers, detecting mines, firing missiles, flying, and more uses are being developed right now.
Jobs The Robots Create
These robots create many jobs like people need to operate them, people need to build them, and people need to program them.
Advantages and disadvantages ?
Some advantages are that soldiers never get wounded or killed because robots are there to do the job. Another advantage is robots can be smarter than humans which means they could have better aim. Some disadvantages of military robots are they can malfunction and turn on its operators.
Where are these robots used?
These robots are used in the battlefield to fight along side soldiers. The military has drones that fly and they have drones that move under water so if they get shot down humans don't die.
What tasks do military robots perform?
Military robots are designed for military tasks such as shooting a gun, flying, and going underwater.
How is the robot taught to perform its task?
Most of the military robots that are used today are manned. They have operators that are trained to operate these robots. There are very few unmanned robots, but the ones that are get programmed.
The Impact of Military Robots
The impact of robots have on humans is both good and bad. These types of robots are good because the machines do not get tired so they can keep on fighting. This can also be bad because they have a chance to pick up autonomy and then they can pose as threats to humans and especially the military.
What sensors does the robot have and how does it use them?
Military robots use sensors to search and identify things. Military robots use light sensors and infrared touch sensors.
Robots in development
There is a robot being developed right now by the U.S. Army that has several cameras, radar, and a gun. It patrols whatever it is told to and if it sees an intruder it alerts a human who can then take control of it and fire at the enemy.
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