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The Importance of Productive Work Habits and Attitudes

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Sarai Arredondo

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of The Importance of Productive Work Habits and Attitudes

of Productive Work Habits and Attitudes Attendance A good work ethic is to be at work on time. If for whatever reason you will miss work, let your supervisor know ahead of time. That also applies for late arrival. It is important to let your supervisor know it you are planning on going on vacation. Give him the dates that you will be gone, so that he can work things out at work. INTEGRITY To have integrity is to be sincere and honest. Integrity is part of your job, when you accept a job you are agreeing to follow their rules and company policies. You should always do the right thing, regardless of what other employees do. Maximum Effort You
should always give your maximum
effort. Try to do your best and never give
up. Try not to socialize as much, so you can get more work done. Concentrate on what you are doing and mind your own business. Communication Communication
skills are very important, you need to be able to communicate with other employees. Also, you need to be a good public speaker, speak clearly, and keep it short to the point. Team Player You have
to work hard, get along with
others and focus on the common goal. And in business, as in sports, team members must cooperate, not compete, with each other for the team to succeed. Organization Good
organization helps you do what you
want to do without wasting time. It
prevents from losing anything. You can organize items by frequency of use, or
use broad categories when filing or arranging items or tools. Time Management To be a
good employee, you need to manage
your time well. You need to set priorities, when you do that, you can arrange your time accordingly. A calendar or a to do list,
will help you achieve this.
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