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Description of my life.

Harrison Sorm

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of HRS

Impact Personal:I was born at 7:30PM on the 25th
Pop culture:Notorious B.I.G Shot and killed,
Titanic was a popular film, The smashing pumpkins was a popular band
American History: Nevada Athletic association suspends Mike Tyson for biting Holyfield, US space probe lands on mars, 200 year old USs constitution sets sail under own power. Personal: I got my first sling shot
pop culture: Austin powers: the spy who shagged me was a popular film, Limp bizkit was a popular artist, The Simpsons was a popular television show.
American History: two boys go on a shooting rampage at columbine high school killing 20 people. west Nile virus first appears in the United states. 1999 Personal:I killed my first squirrel
Pop Culture:Shrek is a popular film, U2 is a popular band
American History: Terrorist attack on world trade center, thousands dead. Timothy Mcveigh executed for oklahoma city bombing, 2001 sunmmer called summer of the shark due to number of shark fatalites. 2001 Personal: Started kindergarten
Pop Culture:Spider-Man is a popular movie, Eminem is a popular artist
American History:two snipers in Washington D.C. kill 10 people and injurede three more, Tornado strikes number of southern states killing 36 people, United airlines file for bankruptcy protection 2002 1998 Personal: I started walking
Pop culture: Metallica is a popular band, Law and order is a popular television show, Armageddon is a popular film
American History: 53rd US female open,19th US Senior Open in California, 200 aid workers of CARE are ordered to leave afgahnistan by the Taliban 2000 Personal :I got my first BB gun
Pop culture: Cast away was a popular movie, Blink-182 was a popular band,
American History:Vermont passes bill for same sex unions, California starts to suffer from 2 years of rolling black outs, Time warner cable and America online combine 2003 Personal:I started T-ball
Pop Culture:Bad Boys two comes out and is a popular film, Christina Aguilera is a popular artist
American History: America plans invasion in iraq due to threat of weapons of mass destruction, a strong weather outbreak spawned 393 tornados in the U.S. 2004 Personal:Shot my first deer
Pop Culture:Shrek 2 is a popular film, Green Day is a popular band.
American History:CBS uncovers torture of Iraq prinsoners, CIA admits to no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Reopening of statue of liberty 2005 Personal:Got my first 30-06
Pop Culture: War of the worlds is a popular film, The killers are a popular band.
American History:Oil prices soar due to middle eastern conflict, George W. Bush gets re-elected as 43rd president, Disneyland celebrates 50th birthday 2006 Personal:Got my 12 gauge
Pop Culture:•Over The Hedge was a popular film,
Family guy is a popular television show
American History:•Charles Carl Roberts murders four girls in a one room Amish West Nickel Miles School, before committing suicide, Bush acknowledged secret CIA prisons around the world outside of US legal jurisdiction 2007 Personal:First .45 handgun
Pop Culture:300 is a popular movie,maroon 5 is a popular band.
American History:Violent thunderstorms in Alabama, student at virginia tech goes on shooting rampage killing 30 people. 2008 Personal: I moved to Green, i starteed Lacrosse
Pop Culture: The writers strike delayed many television shows, Will.I.Am helped The Obama administration raise 55 million dollars by using his "Yes we can" slogan in his music.
American History:The US government gives the OK to the production and marketing of foods from cloned animals,G.M. reports the largest ever recorded loss for a maker of $38.7 billion loss for 2007 2009 Personal:Won first football championship
Pop Culture:Death of Micheal Jackson,
American History:•US Airways Flight 1549 after being struck by a flock of Canada geese shortly after takeoff Piloted by Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger makes a successful Crash landing In the Hudson River,Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States first African American to be president. 2010 Personal:Went undefeated in youth lacrosse
Pop Culture: Kayne west topped the charts for most popular song
American History:Underground explosion in Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, Raleigh County, West Virginia leaves Twenty-nine out of the 31 miners underground dead. The tea party numbers grow prior to upcoming elections. BP oil spill felt by everyone. 2011 Personal:Entered Middle school, on of select few to go to Ohio Championship my seventh grade year
Pop Culture:Nate Dog dies march 16.
American History:Arizona Congress woman Gabrielle Giffords shot in head and hospitalized, 2012 Personal:Went to Ohio champion ships again and took second place
Pop Culture: Skrillex is a popular artist
American History:Obama is re-elected, Shooting at newtown, Connecticut kills 28 people second worst shooting in american history. I will be impacted by Mike Tyson biting his opponents ear off because it is still referenced to day in T.V. shows. I will always be affected by the war against the taliban because it was a long gruesome war that has gone on for most of my life and is still a big deal today. I will also be affected by G.M. going bankrupt due to it started the downward slope that we as a american nation are going down. The oil prices going up will impact me due to my family having to cut back. The Virginia tech shooting will always impact me because it was the worst shooting in U.S. history.Obama being inaugurated as the 44th president will always impact me because he did nothing for the American people in the tough times we were in. The BP oil spill impacted me because it raised the price of gas and sea food causeing my family to cut back even more. Mrs. Gabrielle Giffords has impacted me because she survived a bullet to the head causing her to be a national icon. I will be impacted by Obama getting back into office because it shows how dumb and lazy the people are to re-elect a president who did nothing for his promises that he made. 1997
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