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Consider your favorite roller coaster ride and imagine that

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Connor McRee

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Consider your favorite roller coaster ride and imagine that

To make the ride thrilling i would have a high
speed drop, a loop, high speed turns, and a

to make sure the ride was safe i would first
makesure the track was long enough to reduce all
kinetic energy, i would limit the size of loops and
turns to restrict g forces. At the end of the ride i
would ad a corkscrew and a hill climb to reduce
the amount of kinetic energy for breaking.
Questions for the roller coaster project
Connor McRee
Consider your favorite roller coaster ride and imagine that it could be transported to the planet Mercury or the planet Jupiter. On which planet would the ride be more thrilling or less thrilling than it is here on Earth. Explain your choices.
Imagine that you are among the first group of passengers to test out a newly constructed roller coaster. The slide down the first hill is thrilling, but before you get to the top of the second hill, you start sliding backward and get trapped between the first two hills. Discuss what practicalities the designer forgot to include in transforming his creation from the idealized blueprint to the real world.
Some roller coasters feature an upside-down “loop.” Explain why these features are always placed at the beginning of the ride and never near the end.
Not everyone enjoys the thrilling experience of a roller coaster ride. Theorize and discuss the scientific, physiological, psychological, and sociological reasons for why some seek such thrills and others avoid them.
7. Amusement park rides, water park rides, and rides in the local playground provide thrills while gravitational potential energy (GPE) and kinetic energy (KE) transform from one to the other. Evaluate your coaster and explain where in the ride the GPE and the KE are the greatest. Where do the forces act in each ride providing the resistance that converts the total GPE and KE into heat?
A roller coaster on Jupiter would be much
more thrilling than one on Mercury.
Jupiter has a gravity that is 2.64 times
greater than Earth's gravity. Mercury's
gravity is only .38 times that of Earth.
Jupiters ride would be more thrilling
because it would go faster because of
Jupiter's greater gravity.

There are many reasons why people ride roller
coasters. Some reasearch says that they provide an
allusion of over coming danger. Another study
states that they create a bio chemical state that
increases physical excitment and pleasure.

Not everyone enjoys riding roller coasters. Some
people suffer from motion sickness or body
limitations such as weak hearts or balance
problems. The main reason that most people do not
enjoy roller coasters is because of fear.
The greatest amount of GPE is at the top
of a hill or at the top of a loop. The GPE is
converted to KE as the cars travels down
the hill or the loop. The maximum amount
of KE is at the bottom of the hill or loop.
As a cart moves down a hill it converts
GPE into KE. As the cart moves off the hill
it maintains contact with the track causing
friction which converts GPE and KE into

The first hill was not large
or steep enough to build
enough potential energy to
provide enough kinetic
energy and speed to
overcome the second hill.

When you are entering the loop you build
a great deal of potential energy. At the top
of the loop this converts to kinetic energy
which provides you with speed. The kinetic
energy and speed will ensure that you will
be able to finish the ride. If the loop was at
the end of the ride more force would be
needed to slow and stop the cars.

5. It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Imagine that you are designing the world’s ultimate roller coaster. Describe the features you would incorporate into your design and explain what limits you would put on those features to prevent fun from becoming dangerous.
Project Organization
slide one- layout of questions

slide two- question 1

slide three- question 2

slide four- question 3

slide five- question 4

slide six- question 5

slide seen- question 6
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