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Animal Testing

No description

Anna Sink

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Animal Testing

Disease Cures
The Pros and Cons
Skin Care
though many companies know cruelty free ways they don't use it to stop hurting animals
companies use hundreds of thousands animals a year to make personal care products
most skin care products use rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats the most
even if some companies treat animals really badly, they can still sell their products
since animals don't have rights, it's acceptable to test on them
Why is this topic important to us?
This is important to us because, we want to learn why companies test on animals rather than alternate tests. We want to learn the pros and cons of animal testing.
Animal Testing
What are the pros and cons of testing on animals?

By: Anna, Jessica, Joe, Mattias and Nicole
The Pros
many diseases have been cured
helps find ways to save lives
makes sure drugs, and treatments are safe
helps scientists find cures
The Pros and Cons
The Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons
Are those ingredients safe?
Prevents over population

we can start by buying products with the leaping bunny logo which means cruelty free
if we banned animal testings we won't have new skin products and questions won't be solved
animals may suffer distress
sometimes the drugs are not safe for animals
it could mislead scientist and researchers
If animals aren't being tested on, the medicene that should be helping could cause serious illness or death.
Animal testing has been big part in medical advances
Animal testing also helps us test vaccination so there aren't major outbreaks diseases
Without it,many cosmetics wouldn't exist

pros and cons

75% of animals used in science are not protected by the federal animal welfare act
animals undergo much pain, emotional and physical and in some cases bad environments
animals that do not die during experiments are euthanized
the animals that are tested on do not receive maximum animal rights protection
we are losing animals to animal testing, although some animal testing facilities are good to the animals and treat the animals with care, others do not
at some labs the animals are treated better then being tied up to a pole somewhere
all lifesaving cures in the past have been found through animal testing
In some ways we need animals for testing in order to make scientific breakthroughs, but it can certainly be done in a much more humane way.
Some skin care products are made with organic materials
It can prevent skin irritation or skin problems
Makes sure that the skin products can be used for humans
2000 animals die everyday because of animal testing
we will get the A

There are alternate tests that can be used.
Injected with bad ingredients
Not all of the animals are rats
Animals are going through a slow and painful death just for makeup! There are alternate tests that should be used rather than animals.
. Over 100million animals are burned
poisoned and abused in testing labs in the USA.
. For a single pesticide they do 50 experiments and that requires 12,000 animals.
. when they test rats for the cause of cancer they are only 37% accurate.
Millions of animals are tested each year with experimental drugs and devices. A large number of the testing doesn't count because the animals can't be 100% because nothing is 100%. I believe that animals have as much value in life as we do. Why should animals be treated different than humans? We need to speak up for them. Whatever happened to a man's best friend.
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