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HCI : Team Project(Submit)

No description

Hyogi Jung

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of HCI : Team Project(Submit)

Improve Mobile
Web Browser Jung Hyogi
Lim Sang Min
Kim Ho Jun Contents

- Smart Phone User
- Inconvenience Usability
- Our Proposal
- Demo
- Q&A Many People use a Smartphone. How often do they use? Frequency of use(%) Hours of use(%) Inconvenience Usability I. Long distance to Click the menu
(Layout of browser's menu bar)
II. Small Screen Area
III. Hard to Click the pop-up menu
IV. Blank the Initial Page I. Long distance to Click the menu
(Layout of browser's menu bar) III. Hard to Click
the pop-up menu IV. Blank the Initial Page i-Phone's Screen Our Proposal I. Browser Initial Screen
II. Circle Menu icon
III. Moving Menu Icon
IV. Pop-up Menu
V. Finger Gesture Menu
VI. Multi-Window Screen Computer major Man (26 years)
Very skilled to using smart phone Mechanic major Man (28 years)
Average skilled to using smart phone Design major Woman (23 years)
Not so skilled to using smart phone
Browser Initial Screen 1. Address bar &
Search Engine
2. Quick Link Page
3. Recent Top Pages Moving Menu Icon User can move
Menu Icon Pop-Up Menu User can open up
Pop-up side menu,
when click near
the image or link. Switching Icon Mode to Gesture Mode User can change
mode Gesture Mode Screen Up, Down, Left and Right Previous page Next page Zoom in screen Zoom out screen Multi Window Screen User can view more
than 2 windows in
1 screen. Convenience Usability Initial Start Page
Simple & Convenient Menu Icon
Commands by Gesture
Quick Pop-up Menu
Multi Window Screen Circle Menu Icon Previous page
Next Page
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