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Chong Yun Seng

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Presented by
Chong Yun Seng JCPenney Company Background Question 1 Issues Facebook as a Marketing Channel A chain of American mid-range department stores
Selling conventional merchandise
Became the first major retailer to make its entire catalog available to shoppers within Facebook
The factors that awaken the trend of social network site in marketing channel
The benefit that can gain from social network
The distinct differences of social networking sites and regular web site
Is the emergence of full-fledged marketing channels on social networks sites by most major retailers inevitable? Why or why not? 1. Social network become main interaction platform for retailers
2. The increasing popularity and influence of social media
3. Reduction of cost

Social network become main
interaction platform
for retailers Allows public to share their ideas, events, expression and activities
Provides drives to the need for retailers to listen and communicate to its customers
Response to the question immediately
The Increasing popularity and
Influence of Social Media Social Network Become
Main Interaction Platform
for Retailers Thank you
Q & A A closer connection with people
Inform to the other people and the information will spread fast
Increase the offerings and awareness of the brand
Reduction of Cost Based on word-of-mouth marketing
Expose to more audiences at anywhere and anytime
Integrating social media with physical store Question 2 Will social media sites be viewed by many manufacturers as a channel to sell their products directly to consumers 1. Bring consumer attention to the
product selling
2. Listen up consumer need and want
3. Conduct market research
4. Direct Channel Methods Bring consumer attention to the product selling Attract huge presence to bg amount of potential customers
Reach the public quickly
Used for campaigning or marketing promotion Listen Up Consumer
Need and Want Identify target audience and consumer thought
Constructive criticism and use it to enhance manufacturing product
Conduct Market Research Track customer every response and action
Use for post-purchase evaluation
Reduce cognitive dissonance Direct Channel Methods Get direct customer expectation of manufacturing product
Transaction can be done in social media Question 3
Do you think shopping from a firm's online channel embedded in a social networking site is somehow different from shopping on the firm's regular web site? Explain. 1. The experiences that may get by the customer
2. Directly inform of new item that is available and offer by the firm
3. The user can suggest the page of the firm's to the other users or his friends
4. Two ways of communication Conclusion A huge opportunity for enterprises
A new way to communicate
Improve not only customer service, but also product development, quality assurance, marketing and other area of the business
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