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Characters of The Outsiders

No description

E Leonard

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Characters of The Outsiders

Characters of The Outsiders
There are many characters of The Outsiders, and they all have very different personalities. In this sideshow, you will get to learn about all of these cool and unique characters.
Soda-Pop is very happy all of the time. He loves Ponyboy and is extremely nice to him, when people are being mean. "He gets drunk on just plain living" is a quote from the book, and that means that he is happy all of the time, sometimes even too happy.
Darry is Ponyboy and Sodapop's brother. He works too hard, and is very strict. Ponyboy thinks that he doesn't love him, and Darry sometimes is very mean to Ponyboy, but seems to like Sodapop a lot.
Dally is a tough kind of guy. He likes to bother people. He was first arrested at the age of ten, and is proud of his criminal records. He is the meanest and toughest guy in the gang, and is the one most people are afraid of.
Johnny is kind of like the gang's pet. He is scrawny, and small. He is sixteen, but looks younger, more like Ponyboy, who is fourteen. His mom ignores him, and his dad beats him. He is the most vulnerable of the gang, and the easiest target.
Ponyboy is the youngest member of the gang, and often is treated that way. He is a Greaser, and doesn't like it because he is treated differently from everyone else. He is very smart, and loves to read and watch movies. He should be in middle school, but was moved up a grade so now he is in high school classes. He is very intelligent for his grade level.
Characters of the Outsiders
Two-Bit Matthews is the one of the gang who likes to crack jokes. He loves shoplifting, even though he doesn't really need any of the things that he steals, he just likes the adrenaline rush. He basically steals everything that isn't nailed down. His most prized possession is his switch blade.
Steve is Sodapop's best friend, and works at the gas station with him. He doesn't really like Ponyboy. He doesn't like Ponyboy because he thinks that he is a tag-along. Really, Ponyboy doesn't ask to come, Sodapop asks him to come.
Cherry-Valance is a cheerleader at Ponyboy's school. She is a red head. Ponyboy and Johnny met her at a drive in theater when Dally was being mean to her and her friend Marcia. She is a Soc, but she is very nice to the greaser gang that Ponyboy and Johnny are in.
Picture of Outsiders, Google Images. http://sideofwonder.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/8533262027_87c262a858_o.jpg

Picture of Ponboy, Google Images

Picture of Sodapop, Google Images
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