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Mon Pays Francophone: Guadeloupe

No description

Kelly Warner

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Mon Pays Francophone: Guadeloupe

Mon Pays Francophone:
By. Christelle & Adrienne La Geographie Population- 405,500 (2008)
Size- 628.6 sq miles History/economy In 1635, French cardinal Richelieu sent a party of
settlers to Guadeloupe. They were successful in forming
a colony there in 1636. In 1794, France made Guadeloupe a department of France. Also, in 1974 Guadeloupe became a French region. Climate-Guadeloupe has hot and sunny weather with regular rainfall Capital-Point a Pitre Important beaches-Vaarsenbaai Beach, Boka Grandi Beach, etc. Volcano-Soufriere Government Type- Republican Democracy
Currency- Euro 0.76 euros = 1 US dollar
Government- Their government is okay because they get help from France.
Main trading partners: France, Italy, and Martinique.
Major primary products: Aubergines, Bananas, Pineapples, Sugar cane, sweet potatoes, tropical fruits and vegetables.
Major industries: Agriculture, cement, construction, sugar refining, tourism.
Le Tourisme A famous Volcano people like to visit is Soufriere! People can go climbing and explore all the different types of Volcanoes.
You can also visit La Saintes, a chain of little islands floating in the turquoise sea.
You can also spend you time Golfing,
Diving, Hiking, and Water
Skiing. Le Tourisme Continued Another way you can spend your vacation is enjoying Sports and Nature based activities including Walks, Exploring Canyons, and Mountain biking. You can also enjoy the Guadeloupean Culture by trying different foods, and joining in their festivities. Les Faits Intressant -It is Illegal to kiss on railways
-In Guadeloupe you can legally marry a dead person. http://www.guadalupaonline.com/guadeloupe/beaches_guadeloupe.htm
Google Images
- they celebrate Bastille day on July 14th just like france
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