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Catherine de'Medici

No description

Natalie Steinhoff

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Catherine de'Medici

Catherine de'Medici
At age 14, she married Henry, a French prince.
Catherine took Italian artists, musicians, writers, and dancers with her to the French court.
She was never fully accepted into France, however, because she was Italian and not born into a royal family.
After Henry died in a jousting accident in the year 1559, their three oldest sons, Francis II, Henry III, and Charles IV, succeeded each other as king.
Early Life
In 1519, Catherine de'Medici was born in Florence, Italy.
She was orphaned as a baby and was raised by relatives.
Her husband became King Henry II in 1547.
Catherine is blamed for many of the conflicts the French Catholics and the French Protestants faced.
late life
she supported the
arts and sponsored
the first ballet.
Catherine died
of pneumonia
in 1589
in 1572 she
arranged the
murder of a
huguenot advisor,
which sparked
the saint bartholomews
Fifteen days after her birth, Catherine's mother died and six days after her mother died her father died also. By the time she was month old she was an orphan.
fun fact!
Thanks for watching !
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