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Ahmad Alshugairi

No description

Abeer Almutairi

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Ahmad Alshugairi

Personal life:
Born in 1973, in Jeddah.
Has a B.A in Manegmnt System, and MBA at University of California.

Married twice.
- His second wife, Roula Dshiha,
is a designer.
- two kids, Yosef, and
His Goals:
Spread awareness in Arab societies, specailly among young people.
Critical Reception:
Setting up competition among young people in the Arab counties.
Highlighting on energies and creativity of youths.
- 10 seasons.
- Discusses the Middle East issues,
specially for youths.

Ahmad Alshugairi
"Go Youth"
Discusses youth social issues
New Idea!
Build and re-build homes in Kinia
Build classes and teach kids
Delivering water to some villages in Egypt
Planting rooftops
Set up campaigns.
- Cleaning parks and streets.
- Hand out water to cleaners and construction workers.

Publishing books.
Establishing a website.
Establishing a cafe and library.
The most influential characters in the Arab world in
20 Youth Magazine
The first influential youth media in
Jordan magazine
The thirteenth most influential Arab figures.
A memorial ceremony was held for him by the Japanese embassy.
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