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Towards the hispanization of the Natives

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herbert manalang

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Towards the hispanization of the Natives

Intramuros Bahay na Bato Reduccion Mestizo Mestiza de espaniola Mestiza de sangley Indio Representatives of Various Religious orders Who Came to the Philippine After Legazpi's Expidition Tomas Pinpin Parochial School Arcbishop Domingo de Salazar subject that are taught in school are:

*reading and writing the dialect
*the rudiments of arithmetic
*trade and indrustries the first published tagalog book written by tomas pinpin for the benifit of unlettered Filipinos in the Spanish language education was rendered by this school that estabkished primarily for religious instruction. in 1582, he ordered that every town was to have one school for boys and one for girls. College of Manila (for scholastic) it is the first college for boys in 1589 founded by Jesuits in Manila and later changed to College of San Ignacio University of San Ignacio it is the name that was given to College of San Ignacio in 1621 when it was elevated to the rank of a university by Pope Gregory XV 1601 The Colegio de San Jose also under the Jesuits, was established 1768 University of San Ignacio was closed Fray Miguel de Benavides 1611 the third arcbishop of Manila who established thethe Colegio de Nuestra del Santissimo Rosario, later name UST Colegio de San Juan de Letran the school is been established to take care of orphaned Spanish boys Colegio a regular school for girls. Beaterio a combined school and nunnery College of Santa Potenciana (1594) it is the first college for girls in the Philippines College of Santa Isabel it was originally built to care for orphaned Spanish girls, but eventually, it became an exclusive school for daughters of affluent Spaniards, now the oldest existing college for girls in the country.
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