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Cool story yo

No description

Ronica Koey

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Cool story yo

Important Findings RO1. Need to segment the target market Important Findings RO4. Examine the formation of consumer attitudes & perceptions Those guys who made a group name Vrinda, Hubert, Ronica, Manfred, Emmanuel MARKET ANALYSIS FTW Understanding Consumer Motivations for Generation Y (18-24 yrs) Do consumers decide on purchasing a particular brand due to external and internal influences?

Gender + Likelihood to purchase a brand
Females were more likely to purchase Fiji Water
t = 2.500, p value = 0.14 (equal variances not assumed) RO2.To identify the evaluative criteria Important Findings RO3. To understand the decision making process Linear Stepwise Regression for Q8. Influences + Likelihood to purchase Fiji Water (males vs females) How do students differ in their willingness to pay higher premiums for cause related products? Do consumers rate the importance of product attributes in consideration of the cause associated to recycling? Type of student + The willingness to pay a higher premium (Q5)

Pearson Chi Square = 9.733
P value = 0.021

Local students are willing to pay a
higher premium than international
students. Does average purchase of CRP differ between genders?
Gender + average number of times a CRP is bought
Pearson chi-square: 13.711
P-value: 0.001

Females buy CRP more frequently compared to males. Narayan et. al. (2011) Q8. (Company of Friends) has a stronger impact on males vs. females Important Findings Subrahmanyan (2004)
Cropp et al. (1999) Important Findings Linear stepwise regression Q9. Bottle attribute to likelihood to purchase *brand* (Males VS Females) Is there an association between cause associated with and premium willing to pay?
Cross tabulations and Chi Square tests P value: all above 0.05 Brink et al. (2011) Bottle design was a strong predictor in the likelihood to purchase 4 out 5 brands of water Small size with likelihood to purchase Mt Franklin for females
Amount of packaging and big size for likelihood to purchase Thank You water
Packaging for likelihood to purchase Thank You water for Males
Big size and grip for likelihood to purchase Cool Ridge for females
Grip for likelihood to purchase Fiji water for males SURPRISINGLY, NO DESIGN RELATED FEATURE FOR LIKELIHOOD OF PUMP Do product attribute ratings impact on an individuals perceived susceptibility to social influences mediating CRP purchases? Perception of "...friends make me a lot less likely to purchase a CRP" R square = .192!! (Close enough to 20%) HELL YEAH = 4.456 - 0.222 (profits) - 0.148 (screw lid) The more important a person rates where profits go and screw lid the likely their CRP purchase is deterred by those those around them LESS REGRESSION EQUATION RO4. cont.... Conclusions A.R square = .656
= .179 1. Target female local students over international students 2. More research required to discover how to market particular causes for profit 3. Highlight positive associations around the notion of peers for Males 4. Pay attention to bottle design features of their respective brand 5. Influence the extent to which social factors mediate cause related purchases through use of product attributes Independent t - test
Importance of Product attributes
+ Cause associated with recycling
P Values: all above 0.05

The average importance given to different Product attributes does not differ amongst causes associated with recycling. "I am more likely to purchase a cause related product with a friend" "The company of some friends makes me a lot less likely to buy a CRP" REGRESSION EQUATION "I am more likely to purchase a CRP with a friend" = 3.220 - .331 (screw lid) + .279 (big size) + .214 (reputation) The more important a person rates big size, & reputation The MORE likely their CRP purchase is mediated by those around them Limitations 1. Small Sample Size
2. Response Bias - Social Desirability Effect
3. Sampling Bias - convenient sampling
4. Availability of Scale Data CONSUMER MOTIVATIONS To examine the need, if any, to segment the target market for CR bottled water RO.1 To identify the evaluative criteria for CR bottled water RO.2 To understand the decision making process in selecting brands for CR bottled water RO.3 To examine consumer attitudes towards different product attributes of cause related bottled water, and their effects on social influences RO.4
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