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Costa Rica

No description

Kristin Green

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dustin Funk and Kristin Green Brief History Imports Eating Customs Currency Influence on the US The national dessert of Costa Rica Indigenous people date back 10,000 years
Spherical granite bolas
Spanish Colonialism
Christopher Columbus (1502)
Not as greatly influenced
Lack of indigenous people meant that settlers had to work their own land
no oppressed mestizos or indigenous class
Independence from Spain in 1821
Joined United Provinces of Central America
Declared independence in 1838
Removed army in 1948 Costa Rican Colón Exports Tourism Surfing Nosara Playa Negra Ecotourism Hot Springs Eco Termales Tabacón Grand Spa Baldi Hot Springs The Springs Resort Waterfalls Rio Celeste Falls Llanos de Cortez Cocolito Falls Corcovado Falls Volcanoes 6 Active Volcanos and 61 Dormant Volcanos Playa Grande Volcán Irazú Volcán Arenal Volcán Poás Matapalo More Destinations Demographics Baked Plantain Chips Tres Leches Cake Our Dishes 25% of land mass is protected by the government Population: 4,636,348 people
Ethinic Groups
White (including Mestizo) 94%
Black 3%
Amerindian 1%
Chinese 1%
Other 1%
Literacy Rate: 94.9%
Top three leading causes of death:
Coronary Heart Disease
Language: Spanish San José Corvocado National Park Monteverde Cloud Forest Tortugero Education University Excellent academics and a sound investment High school students must pass tests in all subjects they have studied
Brachillerato Tests
4 state founded universities and many more private universities
State funded are very prestigious
University of Costa Rica
top ranked - 100+ undergrad degrees
Tuition: $4,000 per year including living expenses Raw materials
Consumer goods
Capital Equipment
Construction Materials

Trading Partners: US (43%), Mexico (7%) China (6.2%), Japan (6%) bananas
ornamental plants
electronic components
medical equipment
Trading Partners: Us (30%) China (11.3%), Netherlands (10.9%) 1869: education became free and mandatory for all citizens
"more teachers than policemen"
Required: Elementary (6 years) followed by high school (5-6 years)
Uniforms are required
First three years of high school - general education
last two/three years - specialized training Eating Customs Cont. Fruit and vegetables
Road side stands
Mangos, papayas, watermelon, pineapples, bananas
Found in most dishes
Water + fruit + sugar
Fresh catch of the day Meal Schedule
Lunch is the largest meal
Rice and beans
Fairly healthy
small proportions
Meals high in fiber
Lots of meat
Food prepared in oils
Savory not spicy
garlic, herbs, mild blends
Small family run restaurants Caribbean Vs Pacific Caribbean Coconut milk
Spicy curries
Fresh fish
Jamaican influence Pacific Corn products
Milder spices
Beef, chicken, pork dishes
Mostly spanish influence US Influence on Costa Rica Cuisine
Mixture of Spanish, Mexican, American, Southern American, and Caribbean influences
Fast food chains
Snack food & cereal
Clothing brands
Tourism!! Very little immigration into the United States
No political oppression
Imported fruit
Bananas ¡Pura Vida! Empanadas Ingredients:
Baking powder
Granulated sugar
Vanilla extract
Whole milk
Sweetened condensed milk
Evaporated milk
Heavy cream Dough
Baking powder
vegetable shortening
Evaporated milk
Chicken filling
clove garlic
evaporated milk
boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Chicken flavored bouillon
black pepper
cheese Chopped plantains
Vegetable oil
Salt or pepper for flavoring Refrescos Fruit
bananas, papaya, mango, pineapple
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