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Team Bagdad

No description

Mustafa Khan

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Team Bagdad

Flotation and Thickener Bagdad, AZ Project Overview Scope Growth Contract Team Bagdad Man hour increase Safety Safety Lunches Target price TIC Total Recordables Highest Priority Strict finish dates Increase in project cost Cost plus - open book Contractor fee Kiewit Southwest Kiewit Energy Busing provided

Company vans

Limited Housing Employee Turnover Cost Systems ??? Start Positions

Young Staff

Opportunity Different Platforms Used ?? Project Challenges And Solutions 4 hours daily commute Solutions Overcoming Challenges Difficulty in calculation cost Isolate Location Team Bagdad Why Team Bagdad Past Failures Measure Taken Same color hard hats Division of Work Benefits Business Cards Vehicle colors TIC & Kiewit No Kiewit or TIC logos Union & Non Union TIC - Kiewit - Structural
Electrical Concrete
Civil Difficulty in calculating % complete Difficulty in calculating man hours Project Best Practices Craft Engagement 1 Kiewit Top 5 at Risk Boards Identify top risk per area

Updated daily

Signed by all Monthly craft and high management

Craft Safety walks

PBS - People base safety Team Bagdad


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