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ban sale of violent video games


dain Ryu

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of ban sale of violent video games

ban the sale of violent video games why video games are so bad and harmful? 1. Not good to mental health 3. Cause lots of social problems 4. Children do some illegal act unconsciously 5. Slow down the function of the brain Decreased activity in parts of control inhibition
Increased activity in areas that are associated with emotional arousal acts of violence thoughtlessly
cannot distinguish between reality and imagined space
see the world as a hostile place
get into frequent arguments with teachers
involved in physical fights one out of ten teenagers is game addiction Effect expropriating security number
hacking ID Korea has an system to regulate games called "shutdown of online games." Reverse Effect IS IT STILL OKAY TO LET THEM PLAY? Boom 2. Harmful to physical health headache, severe scoliosis, eyesight deterioration
Play violent video games
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