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Joseph Stalin

No description

nidhi desai

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin
Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili
BY:Carissa Hagan-Abili, Marisssa Sirk, Nidhi Desai
The name Stalin
When Iosif was sent to jail, he changed his name to Stalin meaning the "man of steel"
The Beginning of Stalin
Gorgi, Georgia
Stalin was born December 18 1878. He grew up in a poor family and was the only surviving child. His father was an alcoholic and worked as a shoe maker. His mother was laundress.
Joseph Stalin is was one of the most powerful and murderous dictators in history, His terror caused the death of millions.
Stalin the dictator
The Five Year Plans
When they happened
1927-1932 The first five year plan
1932-1937 The second five year plan
1937-1941 The third five year plan (interrupted by the war)

All the factories had to produce how much Stalin told them to. The targets increased each year.
During the first year of the five year plan, Stalin's government took 15 million peasant from their villages. 13 million of them were sent to the cities to work in factories and the other 2 million were sent to collective farms.
Products of the Five Year Plans
Stalin introduced the five year plan to bring all industries under state control. All industrial development was planned by the state.
It was the method of planning economic growth over limited periods.

Stalin Creates the Five Year Plan
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The Five Year Plan
Each plan set a target that industries had to meet and each factory was given a certain target which they had to meet .
The targets were completely unrealistic and could not be met, but vast improvements were made in production number.
Stalin focused on industries such as coal, oil, iron and steel, and electricity.
Period 1
Who did the work
Stalin brought in experts, from different countries, to run the factories. They were called single managers.
How It Ended
The plan was a failure, but the endless surge of propaganda convinced most Russians that the planned worked.
If people expressed the slightest doubt, the NKVD might appear at their door. The people were forced to believe in their government.
1927 1932 1937
35 million tons 64 mt (75 mt target) 128 mt (152 mt target)
12 million tons 21 mt (22 mt target) 29 mt (47 mt target)
Iron Ore
5 million tons 12 mt (19 mt target) unknown
Pig Iron
3 million tons 6 mt (10 mt target) 15 mt (16 mt target)
4 million tons 6 mt (10 mt target) 18 mt (17 mt target)
*The third five year plan put an emphasis on weapons production for the war
Although production increased the factories suffered because machines would not work and the peasant didn't have any experience, nor did they know how to fix a machine.
Stalin is elected to general secretary of the communist.
After Lenin's death , Stalin promoted himself as Lenins' political heir. Despite Lenins efforts to remove Stalins' power.
Stalin starts the first five year plan.
By late 1920s Stalin was effectively the dictator of the Soviet Union.
Stalin appointed to the Party's Central Committee by Lenin.
Stalin co-writes, with Lenin, "Marxism and the National Question" .
Important times in Stalin's life
Stalin wanted to create mechanized farms.
Many farmers hid their harvest for family instead of giving their goods to collectivism
The peasant farmers were utterly demoralized by Stalins decree for collectivism
The Beginning of the Purges
Collectivism - A political or economic theory advocating collective controls especially over production and distribution.Purges between 1934- 1939 were the most ferocious acts of terror, Sergey Kirov a rival of Stalins' was murdered.
Stalin believed to be assassination the one who murdered he used it to arrest his opponents.
Peasants who worked at the farms also had targets to reach. The government would collect what was made. After that, anything left belonged to the peasants. However there was hardly anything left after the government took what was theirs.
Note that all of this was taken by the government
Purges affected everyone over 20 million people were sent to labor camps and nearly half of them died
Mothers taught their children that Stalin was wise
The Great purge in Ukraine mass grave containing 10,000 bodies of residents shot between 1937 - 1938
Katlyn Massacre in April and May of 1940 in the Smolensk region mass execution of Polish nations
Katlyn Massacre victims 22,000 murdered , 8,000 were officers that were taken prisoner during invasion of Poland and 6,000 were police
Some of Stalins' political allies were taken as well due to his purges

Stalin died of a stroke on March 5th 1953
Stalin got married to Nadezhda Alliluyeva (1919 - 1932) and Ekaterina Svanidze (1906 - 1907). He had four children.
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