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Ellie's Story

No description

Emily D

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Ellie's Story

Ellie's Story
By: W. Bruce Cameron
Ellie is a determined dog to Find and to Work
Jakob was Ellie's trainer until he got shot. He is sweet and caring
Maya is currently Ellie's new trainer. She is nice, sweet, caring and funny
Wally is one of Jakob's friends and helps Ellie throughout the story until the very end

When Ellie gets adopted by Jakob she gets trained to be a search-and-rescue dog. Until one day Ellie and Jakob are finding a stolen girl Jakob gets shot by the person who stole the little girl. Sadly Jakob had to retire and he was no longer a policeman. Ellie then finds a new partner, her name is Maya. She is not in shape. Ellie pushes Maya to get fit. Then when Maya becomes a registered police officer. One day when Ellie and Maya go trying to find a lost person, Ellie damages her nose, BADLY!!! She cannot be a search and rescue dog anymore. What will happen to Ellie? Will she stay with Maya or be put up for adoption? Read the book to find out!!!!!
The setting takes place outside, Jakobs apartment , Maya's House and the police dog kennels. The when is in the day and in the afternoon.
I think the theme of this book is to not give up. I think that because even though Ellie sometimes couldn't find a scent she was still looking for that specific person.
I would give this book a 5 star rating. I would give it that because I don't really like to read but at night when I would read on my bed and my parents told me it was time to go to bed, I never wanted to put the book down. I also liked it because it had sadness, scariness, and happiness.
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