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Belle Gunness

My forensics project.

Grace O.

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness
Grace Onwuchekwa
Tim Daniel
Turning Point
Who is she?
It's a debate
Brynhild Paulsdatter Størseth
November 11, 1859
Selbu, Norway
Attended a country dance (1877)
Attacked and miscarried
Personality changed
Man (rich family) died shortly afterwards due to "stomache cancer"
Lucy (1)
Myrtle (3)
1884, Gunness married Mads Ditlev Anton Sorenson
both opened store / not successfull
collected insurance
Sorenson died 1900 on day insurance overlapped
autopsy wasn't performed
after husband's funeral
$8,500 (about $217,000 in 2008 dollars
bought a farm
Met Peter
Infant and peter dies
Morgan Couch
The add.
Several middle aged men
George Anderson
Ole B. Budsberg
Ray Lamphere
John Moe
Andrew Helgelien

William Mingay
Olaf Lindbloom
John Moe
Olaf Svenherud
Henry Gurholdt
Thomas Lindboe
Herman Konitzer
George Bradley
Tonnes Peterson Lien
Bert Chase
Henry Bizge
Olaf Jensen
John H. McJunkin
Chares Neiburg
Christie Hilkven
George Berry of Tuscola
Charles Edman
Bodies Found
Ludwig Stoll
George Williams
John E. Hunter
Lee Porter
Emil Tell
Frank Riedinger

T.J. Tiefland

Andrew Anderson
Lindner Nikkelsen
Ole Oleson
Aug. Gunderson
Benjamin Carling
Abraham Phillips
unknown man and woman
a daughter of Mrs. H. Whitzer
Johann Sorensen
Life insurance money
Luring men to her to get money
specific weapons unidentified
barried her victims on her property
allowed her to get the money she wanted (significance)
After house burned, investegators found bodies on property
killed 25-40+
headless women found was said to be Belle but was never verified due to lack of evidence
FBI profiling: None
Reasons for behavior: to get money
How she remained sucessful: lied, was able to get her way around things
Why she remained successful: Due to lack of evidence, no one was able to figure out her schemes
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