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Outward Bound Singapore

No description

Lim Zhi Qi

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Outward Bound Singapore

Outward Bound
OBS What is it?
Outward bound Singapore is an Outdoor experience, a form of outdoor education.
Discussion Question
Different types of expeditions
Land Ex
Sea Expedition
Introduction to Kayaking
Learnt ways to come back up after capsizing the kayak.
Around 16+hrs / 42Km+ of kayaking.
Opportunity to display leadership qualities as a sea-ex leader.
Land Expedition
Map and compass reading skills
Carried all necessities in a huge bag along while trekking.
Equal chances of being a leader when leading a watch as the navigator.
Pulau Ubin
Physically challenging but definitely manageable for participants of all ages.
Social Networking, meeting different types of people and making new friends
Sea Ex
How benefiting is Outdoor Education? Learning in an outdoor environment.
Any other questions?
Outward Bound International
Outward Bound is an international, non-profit, independent and outdoor-education organization with approximately 40 schools around the world and 200,000 participants per year.
Nonprofit category: Education
To help people discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others, and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings.
Outward Bound's Mission
Video Time
Schools' Locations
Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Costa Rica, Croatia* Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Germany*, Hong Kong, India – Bharat, India – Himalaya, Indonesia Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Romania, Sabah, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UK, USA, Zimbabwe, Singapore
5D4N Course
What do you do when there's a fire?
Outdoor Education

The decline of fitness due to modern methods of transport.
The decline of initiative and enterprise due to spectatoritis
The decline of memory and imagination due to the confused restlessness of modern life
The decline of skill and care due to the weakened tradition of craftsmanship
The decline of self-discipline due to the modern availability of 'stimulants' and 'tranquilizers'
The decline of compassion due to the haste of modern life
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