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The Industrial Revolution

No description

William Gillette

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution
Go to page 725 in your purple textbook. Look at the map and answer the two questions. Remember, when looking at a map look at the title, and map key to see what the map is trying to show you.
Read "The Way It Was" about traveling by early railroads and answer the two questions in the yellow box. Page 726-727

Checkpoint 1
Textbook part II
Create a T-Chart listing the causes and effects of the industrial revolution. Each cause and effect must have a brief description of WHY it is a cause or effect.

Causes and Effects - Industrial Revolution
In a short paragraph, briefly explain why Samuel Slater, Eli Whitney, and Francis Cabot Lowell were important to the industrial revolution.


Important People
You should complete one checkpoint per day.
Check out this Flocabulary on the Industrial Revolution.

Checkpoint 2
Check out a few photos from the Industrial Revolution on this website.

Invention Poster
The industrial revolution was a time when people continuously invented new things to help the world become more efficient. Your job is to come up with an invention that could change our world.

You need to:
- Write a description for your invention including its
-intended use
-how it will make the world better
-alternative uses
- who your invention is for
-what gave you the idea

- Illustrate your invention

Inventions and Technology in the "Machine Age."
Go to page 121 in your red book.
Read the article 121-127

Answer questions 1-6 on pages 126-127
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