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Dreading the Job Interview? Don't!

No description

Daniel Marler

on 29 June 2017

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Transcript of Dreading the Job Interview? Don't!

Dreading the Job Interview? Don't!
Why are we anxious about the interview?
Yes. They're looking at you!
Types of interviews
Informal or Structured
One-on-one or group
Trial run before face-to-face
How do you function under pressure
Untrained interviewer or on a power trip
First impression?
How about her?
facial expressions
body language
overall demeanor
What Do Employers Really Want to Know?
Can you handle the job?
Will you complement or disrupt the department?
Are you willing to take the extra step?
Are you manageable?
Is the money right?
How to answer interview questions
Triple A
Have your own voice
Don't use textbook answers
Don't be patronizing
Answer the question
No tangents
Have a quick response
Tripple S
Give examples
Provide numbers
Share experiences
Not that kind of short!
Don't talk yourself out of a job, but... (20 seconds to 2 mins)
Answer the question thoroughly
Follow the interviewer’s lead in sitting or accepting anything
Give credit to your past/current boss and other employees where it is deserved
Be empathetic to others’ concerns
Loaded, negative, or difficult? PACT
Turn it around
That you will answer the question.
How was a weakness
really an asset?
Minor things that could be construed as positives.
Okay. Time for some questions.
How would you answer these?
"Do you have any questions?"
Signals the end of the interview.
Why do they ask it?

Of 1,000 employers who were surveyed…
Over half answered that it was a means of evaluating the candidate’s fitness for the job.
The next largest group said they wanted to provide the information the interviewee wants.
A few employers “identified other reasons such as simple courtesy.”

Have a good question...
or two.

Do your homework!
What do you believe will be the greatest challenge for the new employee in this job position in the first 30 days and the first year?
How do you see this position developing over time?
How does your company plan to expand in the next five years?
What is a typical workday in this position like?
What can you do for us?
What kind of person are you?
Can we afford you?
What distinguishes you from all the other applicants?
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